How Much Does Hosting Cost in the UK?

Before we start, I’m just going to throw in our credentials quickly (Don’t worry, this isn’t just a sales pitch!). At Hostfind, we provide a comparison from hundreds of UK web hosting plans. We aim to provide you with the best resource for UK web hosting services. 

With what we do at Hostfind it provides us with some useful insight into how much web hosting should cost.

Average Cost of Hosting a Website in the UK

To get your site online, you need to host your website somewhere. But what is a reasonable price for web hosting, and how do you know what you are paying is fair?

With web hosting, remember you are not comparing like for like. Other factors come into play. Such as features, service and support. However, we feel our method gives you a useful guide on the average price of hosting in the UK.

For this analysis, we looked at 10 starter plans from each of the following companies:

1&1 Ionos, Krystal, Siteground, eUKHost, TSOHost, Pick-a-Web, Fasthosts,, Uk2.Net & JustHostMe

We stripped out any promotional prices and used a 12-month plan pricing structure.

Average Cost Of a UK Starter Shared Hosting Plan – £4.61 / month

As you can see, hosting your website does not need to be expensive. Small sites and personal blogs will be well suited to these starter web hosting plans.

How Much Should I Be Paying For Shared Hosting?

Basing your decision on pricing alone is not ways the best direction. The best option is to choose one that suits your needs.

As you know the average cost of a starter plan is £4.61 / month so if you need more resources or additional features, then you should be expecting to pay a little more.

We currently host our website on a shared hosting plan with Krystal at £9.99 / month. As you can see, we are paying more than double the cost of the average start plan, but why?

We chose a plan that would provide us with the additional resources and features we wanted and needed. Daily Backups was one of them, and higher account resources were essential to us.

It about finding a balance between cost and features, if your website is vital to your business or livelihood, then spending a little extra can be extremely beneficial.

Is UK Web Hosting More Expensive?

Often it is commented that UK web hosting is more expensive than some of the big international web hosting providers. To see if UK web hosting was more expensive, we conducted the same analysis with some of the big international web hosting services to see if this was the case.

For this, we looked at 10 starter plans from each of the following companies: BlueHost, A2 Hosting, iPage, HostGator. Godaddy, FatCow, JustHost, Namecheap, SiteGround, Hostpapa and Hostinger

We stripped out any promotional prices and used a 12-month plan pricing structure.

Average Cost Of an International Provider Starter Shared Hosting Plan – £6.17 / month – This equates to £1.56/month more!

Now we fully understand that we are not aways comparing exact like for like. However, it provides some interesting reading, especially when you strip out the initial promotional pricing.

It is important to way out all the additional benefits that the plan includes all the features that you require, and not just bundling on other extras that will cost you more in the long run.


You should have a better understanding of what is costs to host your website with a UK web hosting provider.

Tip: Dont forget that you can Compare UK Web Hosting with our shared hosting comparison.

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