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Dataflame Internet Services Ltd is a privately held web hosting provider offering quality web hosting solutions to the virtual domain hosting industry. Dataflame Internet Services Ltd services many thousands of domains around the world.

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Top Hosting Company

Been with Dataflame since 2007 and during that time have had no problems at all – just complete satisfaction with the product itself as well as the help I’ve received (which has been quite a bit) in record time – every time! Would wholeheartedly recommend to any individual or business that wanted to leave everything in their knowledgeable and safe hands with total peace of mind!

Consistent service from Dataflame

I have used Dataflame for a couple of years, hosting a handful of websites. They were not the best value option but they were pretty affordable and most of the reviews I read said that the service level was good. My personal experience has been in line with this. The contro panel is easy enough to use and the support is pretty good. I’ve only used online support so far, but responses have been quick and informative. I have read elsewhere that they occasionally suffer from down time, but as far as I am aware my sites have always been up.

Consistently prompt and efficient service

I have been with Dataflame for about 5 years and always found them to be quick to resolve problems – as a sole trader and self-taught website designer rather than professional, I have had a few queries but they are always responsive and polite. I haven’t been aware of any downtime. They seem pretty good value too.

Dataflame – Great Webhost

I’ve been with Dataflame for at least 5+ years. Moved over to them when my last WebHost went bust. Use them for my family website. Really solid, never had any problems. Contacted support only a handful of times, and they have always got back to me quickly and sorted out any queries I have had. I studied the market before signing up and liked their competitive prices and feature rich packages, especially the low-price add-ons and to be honest I have never had any inclination to move webhost. Well why should I? This works best for me. Solid performance. Easy access. Great Support. Look forward to another 5 years. Keep It Up.


These guys are the best! would not hesitate in using Dataflame , I have many sites hosted with them , thier 24hr online support and customer service is second to none, any time I have a problem it’s fixed very quickly, so impressed, top class! Thank you guys ( Nigel, Darren, Adam, David, Barry, Jane, William, sorry if I cant remember all names) for all your help over the last 6ish years and hope fully many more. Thank you;-) Mark

Fantatsic support from Dataflame!

I’ve had to use their support twice, and each time they’ve got back to me within minutes and offered helpful solutions to my questions. Absolutely brilliant support. Highly recommended.

excellent service

This company is very good, because in addition of their technical support. They give also support which goes behind their service ,such as Website support. To help you in problems with website, which they have not been built from them I strongly recommend this Hosting company.

Dataflame UK Customer Service

I’m new to web hosting and chose Dataflame on the recommendation of a friend, and I have nothing but praise for their Customer Service. It is only now I have everything up and running that I realize that Dataflame had provided all the information I needed to get started, it was my own lack of knowledge which got in the way of me getting the site uploaded. Even though I had to email and ask what were probably stupid questions all of my mails were answered quickly, concisely and clearly, and always resolved the problem. I cannot thank the Support team at Dataflame enough, they were courteous and helpful at all times, and eased me through a potentially frustrating experience. This is my first experience of web hosting but so far I am very pleased not only with the Support but the speed and ease with which the whole process works, I am so far very pleased with all aspects of the product. I would not hesitate to recommend Dataflame to friends and colleagues.

Dtaflame is Fantastic Everytime!

I’m very pleased with the service Dataflame provides. Plesk Control panel is great. All the tools and features are categorised which makes navigation easy and enjoyable. Great value, and excellent support. The Service here is excellent and they are very reliable, and offers a good support for my sites. I have 6 Joomla sites with them from 4 years and the performance is exceptional.

Excellent support and customer service

I have been with Dataflame for several years now and am most happy to recommend them to even my closest friends and family. Their instant 24/7 support team have been invaluable in answering any questions I have had, and I have experienced no issues with any aspects of their service, customer service, billing or anything else. Excellent value for money and highly recommended.

Dataflame good support response

An obscure file download problem from a site hosted by Dataflame was fixed within 24 hours, and with good communication.


I have been with DataFlame for some years and have been very happy with their hosting and support. They have provide a lot of support, even when the problem has been of my own making. I have also suffered zero down time.


I believe all we really want in any company is that it does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it, for a fair price. That’s what Dataflame offers. Good value and very good support. Second time I’ve used them and so far so good!

Prompt and professional customer service

I have used Dataflame for over 4 years to host several sites (my own business one and a couple for friends) and have found their service to be excellent. I am a self-taught site designer, motivated to learn so that I could make and manage a site for my own business. In contrast to previous reviewers, my experience of their response has been excellent. They dealt with queries promptly and been patient and profressional (even when I suspect I was asking probably simple newbie questions) e.g I recently had a query about domains that I asked via email but they rang me so that they could given a thorough answer – excellent. I haven’t been aware of any downtime and the facility has been easy to use. There might be cheaper services but I have found them reliable and professional so would recommend them.

Fairly Good With Some Issues

So having moved hosting providers a few times now I did a lot of careful research before moving again, I’ve learnt a few things through all the moving around. I spoke with sales over email and they were fast to respond and extremely helpful and quickly put my mind at rest so I decided they were a good option for me as I was particularly looking for a uk host that didn’t cost the earth. So since moving to Dataflame all seemed to be going swimmingly well, but the cracks started to appear when I moved one of my fairly busy sites over, as I was on a shared server I found that it kept either falling over or kept triggering a security issue that denied access to the site. This meant I was constantly online to live support, there be the real problem, I work in the internet industry in marketing but am pretty technical too having started out life as a developer but these guys are very hit or miss some of them are extremely helpful and tolerant and I couldn’t sing their praises enough but then on the otherhand you will get other people that are quite the opposite obnoxious, don’t listen to what you’re telling them, slow and just generally a right pain in the behind to get what you want from them, being technical and having battled with developers for many years I have learnt the only way to get what you want is to be assertive and not to be fobbed off so just bare this in mind with Dataflame. Anyway as a result of the problems with the shared hosting I have made the jump to a VPS which I am battling with support to get moved onto so can’t really comment but I’m hoping the uptime won’t be an issue moving forwar dand will be generally quite pleased with the service. Hope that helps others with making the decision on moving to Dataflame and what to watch out for, being technical really helps!!!

Very Pleased

We have been with Dataflame for about 3 years now, and have been very pleased with the level of support that has been given. We have a number of sites that have had no problems. It is vital for our business website to be available 100% of the time, to which this has been met. I would highly recommend Dataflame.

Fantastic Service

I’ve been a Dataflame customer for over 2 years now and cannot fault them. In this time I have had to contact support twice. The first time was because I wasn’t able to access cPanel. The second time I used their live chat when I needed them to disable a module that was causing a problem with a new script on my site. In both insistences the issues were resolved quickly. In fact the second was done while I waited in live chat.. Speed and uptime are good to very good, I don’t recall any major downtime instances during my time with Dataflame and the servers always seem to be fast as responsive. In regards to features and price, I would rate them excellent on price, features go hand in hand with the price. I’m currently on one of their basic plans – its plenty for what I am doing – but when I need to upgrade there are plenty of plans for me to upgrade to.. If you are looking for a strong, reliable web hosting company then look no further.

Great ISP

As a business we have used Dataflame for almost 3 years and in which time we have used their support many times. Each time the response was quick, courteous and professional. They have a Live chat for really urgent stuff and really do give excellent value for money. An ISP to actually get through too! Highly recommended

Very good value

When you look at Dataflame’s prices (start at 1.50) you’d think they either lack features, uptime or support. Dataflame are great and I’ve used them for loads of client’s who didn’t want to spend much on hosting. I have no complaints with them at all. Only one outage but it was fixed quickly. Another plus point for DF is I think they are very generous on the bandwidth. A lost of hosters give you plenty of space but not much bandwidth.

Dataflame Experience

From my experience, Dataflame are cheap, but with customer service to match. At first things went well, then they changed the user interface without telling me and the ‘sitebuilder’ developed bugs which meant other people’s information appearing on my site. Dataflame customer services don’t take responsibility, blaming their software contractors. Bland email replies which don’t answer your queries are the order of the day. Not recommended to anyone who can pay more for a better service.

Shocking Service

After suffering a series of problems with webmail I contacted Dataflame to speak to a manager. During my phone call to Dataflame I had to deal with staff who were inept and rude – covering the phone and laughing as I insisted on speaking to someone in authority. Over 3 days have passed and a manager has yet to contact me. There seems to be no way to get hold of one. Support staff have sent me ridiculous e-mails making childish excuses. The service I have experienced is extremely unprofessional!

Very Happy

I have been with Dataflame now for almost 4 years and have had no complaints about them at all, of course in that time i have had problems but in every single instance as soon as i get in contact with their customer service it is rectified there and then. It’s very easy to have multple domains hosted and several sub-domains at the same time. Customer service is 2nd to none and they are very helpful and friendly, if you cant do something they will do it for you or show you through it step by step. I have no intentions of going else where and with their value for money, easy billing system and 100% customer service i have no reason to look elsewhere.

Good for only one domain

I had never hosted a website before so I did a bit of research and found dataflame. It had a lot of features and was very importantly cheap. So I went with them and was very happy. Their online interface is quite confusing, not really any help or useful tutorials. But that didn’t matter since I could do almost everything I wanted in Dreamweaver. The only thing I couldn’t do in Dreamweaver was change permission settings of files, which meant the pain of using the dataflame interface. So next I decided to add another web domain and thought I would stay with dataflame. Wrong move! My second website is never online and a chat to customer support only came to the conclusion that they could see but I could not. Since I last spoke to techincal support my website has only been online once. My original domain is fine, so I wonder what is going on. I am now going to move my new domain to another provider and may also move the original domain if I am happy. So if u want a cheap price, this is the right domain hoster 4 u but don’t expect it to b easy to use or have good support 4 multiple domains.

Pretty Good

I have been using Dataflame for about 8 months now and they have been pretty good. Only one downtime and that was for about half an hour. The livechat customer support works for me as I have a dayjob – they are usually helpful. One time they took a bit of persuading that something they changed had caused the problem, but that was sorted within a couple of hours. Having said all this, I have nothing to compare them with as this is the only site I look after.

Nothing but trouble

In Dataflame’s favour, they are cheap and have a range of features in their packages. But their uptime is pretty poor; they keep changing permissions on directories and scripts without telling me, claiming the scripts were using up too many resources (a Movable Type blog getting 50 visitors an hour!) when I find out and ask them; they changed settings on my email server so that I suddenly got deluged in spam and my catch-all email addresses stopped working; they turned off an email security feature I relied on; there’s no real customer support, only tech support who never seem to know anything and contradict each other; when Apache or MySQL goes down, I have to ask them to fix it because they never know it’s gone down. I could go on, but the litany is long!

Dataflame – Don’t know what else to say!

As the owener of Host Ratings. I’ve been trying to stick to my quaterly updates with my Dataflame experiences. This time I am truely stuck for words!! Since my last update, I’ve only had to contact them once through support due to a expired Cpanel code. This was resolved within less than 10 minutes, I was expecting to wait a couple of hours so this really impressed me! As usual servers have been fast and given excellent responce times. I’ve not noticed any downtime. I’ll finish off by saying keep up the good work Dataflame! Now after I’ve given you three glowing reviews, DON’T slip up!

Dataflame Problems

I Migrated to Dataflame for my company after we had mail issues with our previous provider. The account was easy to set up and we were online within 24 hours having uploaded our websites and the dns entries updated. We have recently had an issue with the server that we are using at Dataflame and everthing went off website/mail etc. It took them nearly 2 days to bring it back online. It was lucky that one of them was a holiday because 2 days without either a website or mail would of been difficult for us. My major gripe so far is the lack of communication on this issue. Otherwise support calls are either dealt with by mail, online or via phone.

My Dataflame review

I’ve found Dataflame to be very reliable with good uptime. I’ve been with them for just about one year now. The customer support is average, though, at best.

Still Impressed

I was planning on doing a quarterly update my experiences with Dataflame, however as always things get on top of you. But anyway here’s my belated review! Since signing up with Dataflame, I have been really impressed. Not once have I had to contact Dataflame about my site’s uptime so full marks go to Dataflame there. Speed of the site has always been good. is based on their UK servers, and I’ve noticed this site, is drastically faster than other sites of mine based on US servers (different hosting company). In regards to Dataflame’s customer service I still cannot really comment on it, as so far I haven’t needed to use it. However if I do, I’ll update everyone on the speed/quality of their service. I’ll score Dataflame’s features and price the same as before – mainly because they haven’t changed for me. All in all I am really pleased with the service Dataflame has provided me so far!

The first week with Dataflame

I signed up with Dataflame a week ago for the Linux based NL150 package and only have minor problems so far. The cPanel file list does not give the filename dates so it is difficult to know whether the latest file has been uploaded or check that the file you have just overwritten has actually been overwritten. Although the file sizes are shown in File Manager the total for a directory is not shown there. It would be useful to have the total on the same page as the file list. None of the web stats show the screen resolution of the viewer or whether he has javascript enabled. Why does the list of countries only show USA when my domains are registered in Gloucester UK, my ISP is in Lancashire UK and Dataflame is in Verwood UK and my address is in UK? Virtually all visitors have been me as I have been uploading and testing. The default email never worked but since it had a meaningless jumble of letters as a username I set up another mail account and after three days made it the default. All my test mail which I had sent to it days before came through immediately on the new default account. A message I sent via the original webmail account took two days to arrive so it was partially live but the new account which I operate via Outlook works well. I don’t seem to be able to send html emails. I’ve never been able to enter the chatroom. I had a problem logging into cPanel via IE7 although I could via Firefox. I got several email replies from support but eventually I discovered that even though I had Dataflame listed as a trusted site I needed to have ActiveX enabled in the Internet setting as well as this setting is used at first when the security certificate warning popups occur and is needed to get past the warning to the trusted site login window. I couldn’t get through to my website online or to cPanel for about half an hour today so I suppose the server was either down or busy with shared traffic. Viewers get put off if they cannot access a site so any occurrence like this is a pity.

So Far, So Good!

As the webmaster of, I thought it would only be right to leave the first review on this site!

After reading numerous reviews, forums, and websites, Dataflame made it to our web hosting shortlist. We wanted something that was affordable, reliable with good features. Although support wasn’t a big issue for us, we wanted reliable 24/7 support should a problem arise. Dataflame seemed to offer all these, plus a lot of extra features.

After visiting Dataflame’s website we opted for their NL125 Linux plan. It offered more than enough space and bandwidth yet giving us room to grow without the need to upgrade straight away.

Although we’ve only been a Dataflame customer for a short time, we have been extremely pleased with the service they have provided so far. Their servers are nice and fast (browse this site to see for yourself), price, features and uptime have all been excellent. I haven’t had to contact support yet, but the account was setup within an hour (on a Sunday morning) so this looks promising! I’ll write another review in 3 months time to let everyone know how we get on!