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UnitedHosting.co.uk’s feature packed website hosting solutions are based on their own Linux servers. With all accounts they provide a robust and stable hosting platform which you can depend on to deliver your webpages time and time again!

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Brilliant support!

These guys really get it. Their response through the ticket-based helpdesk is amazingly fast. They will install any Perl module for you at the drop of a hat. There is no ruby though, and no plans to install it. And they won’t give you access to things like SVN for you. The shell is also a bit locked down, you’re not able to call out from vi for example.


Having used supanames, fasthosts, 1and1 and uk2.net over the past 5 years I have finally found a hosting company that’s honest and reliable! the best thing about united hosting is the amazing levels and speed of support!… they even help with things like coding which they dont have to!!! all i can say is always avoid hosts that promise MASSIVE or UNLIMITED disk space or bandwidth for a low price, because they had ALL failed me… Budget hosts give budget services! UH are not budget hosts and dont try to hide the fact. you pay more but you get more!

The only really good web host I have used

I’ve been through a fair few web hosts in my time and United Hosting is the first I’ve been happy with. They’re not the cheapest by any stretch but they’re rock solid. Average uptime for the past 5 years is 99.998%! Support staff are efficient, helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t fault them really. A friend recommended them to me and I’ve since recommended several other people to them.

Ian Reynolds

I’m the webmaster for a few Joomla based sites, and had a couple of these hosted previously with Streamline.net. To cut a long story short their service was appauling. United Hosting was a complete breath of fresh air. I’ve encountered a few slight technical issues which I struggled with, and their customer support is the fastest I’ve ever seen. I was literally emailing them, and getting a reply in 15 mins. You can even cht to them online via a live chat service. The hosting is very very good value for money, with Spam filtering, Unlimited MySQL DB’s and a whole host of other options you would normally be charged for. They even give you free statistics on your domain, which I was previously charged £25 / year for. They are not the cheapest by any means. I’m currently paying £5 per month for a bronze account, but their service is exceptional. I would urge anyone who is having difficulty with their current host, to get shot of them and come over to United Hosting. They are good honest, friendly and most of all professional. PS No I dont work for them 🙂

My United Hosting Review

I have a few sites with United, I found some really positive reviews for them on a forum. United Hosting are one of the best shared hosters I’ve used, if not the best. Some people think shared hosting is typically oversold. United certainly don’t, everything is lightening fast. I think where they really shine is their support. They are so fast to reply! Sometimes it takes just a few minutes and they are always very helpful and polite. What’s even better is, unlike other shared hosters you have you own instance of PHP so you can mod the php.ini file and even choose whether to run version 4 or 5. The only one ever so slight downside – and this is nothing negative about United per se – is that they don’t use cPanel, theu use something else. I find cPanel more intuitive and I guess I’m stuck in my ways with it. But United’s one is still very good and does the job. Never had any down time either. Go on their site and look at their setup, it really is something special. 10/10!

United Hosting

I moved to United Hosting after problems with my cheap Canadian host, was having more down time than normal, spammers on the servers meant hotmail mail was rejected etc etc. Not a bad host but just taking on too much, however, I trawled the internet and could find nothing but praise for UnitedHosting. So I emailed a support question to check response time – answer in about 5 minutes. I replied with another few technical questions, response about 2 minutes. I sent about another 7 emails with questions, same result everytime, instant replies. So I took the plunge. Ordered their shared plan with 5 add-on domains, which works in effect like a mini reseller account. I found the control panel a little difficult at first, but after a few emails to support (answered within 5 minutes!) I got the hang of it. The websites are noticably faster, a lot faster in fact. No problems with spam in or emails sent being blocked. I had one clitch in that my plan was set up with 3 add-ons instead of 5 so I emailed and it was fixed within 10 minutes. So far I have been more than impressed. Its not the cheapest, but you really get what you pay for. If you want a slightly more pro set-up than a guy hosting sites in his spare room this is the winner. I can’t see me moving ever! One nice feature is the INDEPENDANT server monitoring service, you can click each server to see it history from the time it started, mine has NEVER been down (touch wood) Highly recommended **********