Cheapest Domain Prices – August 2023

Registering a domain name is a must for any credible website or application. Although domain registration is cheap in comparison to the prices of yesteryear, this doesn’t mean you should be tied to paying inflated prices to register your domain name. So who provides the cheapest domain registration in the UK?

Each month we provide a round-up of the cheapest domain name registration in the UK. Host Find compares dozens of registrars to bring you the best pricing available on new domain registrations, renewals and transfers. We update and review our domain name pricing guide regularly to ensure that the information that we provide is accurate and up-to-date. All listings in this post are created from our domain name price comparison tool. We may receive a commission from some of the links from the site this bears no influence on the results. Pure and simple, if a company offers the lowest price, it will be listed on this page.

For most of us, once we have registered our domain name, we tend to leave it with the same company. 

Domain name providers, unlike web hosting services, where you may change depending on your requirements or experience of a particular provider. There is often very little reason to change domain name providers. Therefore finding the cheapest domain UK domain name prices doesn’t need to be complicated.

Cheapest .com Domain Registration Price

For August 2023, Namecheap is the cheapest for .com registrations. Charging just £7.69 per year for up to 10 years (pre-paid) and £11.69 for renewals. An honourable mention also goes to 20i’s domain registration which comes in at £12.49 for both registration and renewals. However, they offer the added bonus of providing a free hosting plan with all domain registrations.



  • £9.77*
  • £11.59

* £7.94 For First Year then £11.59 renewal.



  • £12.49*
  • £12.49

* £12.49 For First Year then £12.49 renewal.

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Cheapest and .UK Domain Registration Price

For those that are looking to register a domain then provide the cheapest pricing based on a two-year average. Not only do offer the cheapest they also offer reasonable rates for renewals (currently £10.99).

Unlike other promotions currently available this month. There is no prerequisite to purchase additional years upfront so if you want to register for just one year, you can.

  • £5.5*
  • £10.99

* £0.00 For First Year then £10.99 renewal.

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Cheapest .UK Domain Registration

For those of you looking for .UK domain registration. its again provide the cheapest for this month.

  • £5.5*
  • £10.99

* £0.00 For First Year then £10.99 renewal.

Compare .UK Domain Name Prices

When deciding on a company to register your domain name. It is essential not to only look at the headline price. As often we see that although you may receive discounted or free domain names. The renewal price is at a much higher rate. Consequently, any savings are made when registering the domain.

Consider Registering For a Longer Period

If you want to reduce the cost of nasty higher renewal pricing, consider registering your domain name for an extended period. If you didn’t know, you know, you can register your domain for up to 10 years at a time for, .uk and .com domain names.

Even if further down the line you are not happy with the service provided by the company you have chosen, you can still always switch providers and keep the registration period that you have remaining. For example, you register your domain name for five years, then two years down the line you decide that you want to move to a different provider. You will still keep the three years that you have to remain. Some providers may charge you a transfer fee. So continually transferring a domain name will negate any savings you may have made.

Cheapest 10-Year Domain Registration

In the table below we compare the cheapest domain registration services to providers such as GoDaddy who tend to be more expensive.

Registrar First Year Price Renewal Cost Ten Year Cost Link

£12.49 £12.49 £ 124.90 More Info

£7.68 £11.69 £ 76.80 More Info
Namecheap - You can register upto 10 years at the first year rate. Making this the cheapest registrar on our list if you opt to do this.

£6.99 £17.97 £ 168.72 More Info

* Comparison of the cheapest and most expensive .com domain registration services based on 10 years. Prices updated – August 2021.

As you see there are significant savings between the cheapest and most expensive providers.

What are the benefits of opting for a ten-year domain registration period?

Registering your domain name for ten years certainly has cost savings compared to year-on-year renewals.

  1. Firstly you avoid year-on-year price hikes. Even domain registration services that were considered cheap years ago are no longer the cheapest.
  2. There is less risk of losing your domain name. If you’ve ever forgotten to renew a domain you’ll know the pain of having to pay a redemption fee to gain back control of your domain name. It’s certainly worth the upfront domain registration fee to avoid this.
  3. SEO benefit – Although it is often something that is hotly debated some claim that search engines such as Google use domain registration length as part of their ranking algorithm. The theory is site owners that commit to a longer registration period are less likely to be low-quality spammy sites. Its a contentious subject but the best way to look at it is if you are serious about your website it certainly won’t do any harm.

Your domain name should be seen as an investment for any business. Registering a domain for ten years commits to this investment.

Using this guide should help you find the cheapest domain registration whether you are looking at just one year or ten years.


These are the current cheapest UK domain registration services we could find for this month. Nevertheless, if you know a cheaper service, then we always welcome feedback. Contact us or comment below with your views and opinions

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