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eUKhost is one of the most popular UK web hosting providers around offering a range of low-cost affordable web hosting plans for business or personal use. eUKhost doesn’t compromise on support either, by offering outstanding 24/7 support for all their hosting plans. 

As a result, a eUKhost web hosting package can provide you with a reliable web hosting service guaranteeing up to 99.9% uptime in most cases – this coupled with the 24×7 web hosting support offered means that eUKhost’s cheap web hosting services represent good value for money.

eUKhost is one of the UK’s leading web hosting providers with over 35,000 customers and a highly experienced support team capable of meeting all of your requirements. eUKHost began in 2001 with an aim to provide excellent value UK web hosting services with outstanding customer service and support. Since their inception they have grown to host more than 35,000 hosting clients on more than 1,200 servers, their strong focus on quality service and excellent customer support has provided them with this growth. eUKhost offer a wide range of web hosting services varying from your low-cost Linux shared hosting package all the way up to more expensive dedicated servers, ensuring that there is a choice for individuals who are after budget web hosting as well as for businesses that require highly secure, reliable web hosting services. 

eUKHost Support

One of the main attractions for most with eUKhost is the highly effective 24×7 support that there is to offer; eUKhost offers a wide range of managed web hosting services that will allow you to make full use of the 24×7 web hosting support that is on offer meaning that whatever your issue is, you can have it sorted at any time of day.

eUKHost Services

eUKhost are able to offer cheap UK web hosting services starting from just £3.33 a month. eUKHost offer a range of Business, Reseller, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers, all with branded hardware from Intel, Dell and HP to ensure their servers are of the highest quality. eUKHost’s servers are hosted in the UK within their data centres in Manchester and Leeds. Making them the ideal choice if you are looking for a reliable UK hosting company.

eUKHost Shared Hosting

If you are looking for shared hosting then eUKHost offer a range of cPanel (Linux) or Windows (Plesk) based shared hosting plans. All come with unlimited bandwidth and generous disk space, 24/7 support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. eUKHost’s shared hosting is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized websites. Their one-click installs allow you to install popular scripts such as WordPress in just one click. With hundreds of operations to choose from, you should be able to find a script right for your website

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting works by allowing you to host multiple websites as independent shared hosting accounts. So if you are a web developer or small independent web hosting provider this could be the ideal choice for you. Each of eUKHost’s reseller hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth with plenty of features including free backups. 

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting plan is an ideal choice for professionals and business owners in need of complete control of their web hosting along with the flexibility and freedom of dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. With eUKHost VPS hosting plans, you can choose between Linux and Windows. As with all of eUKHost’s services, a VPS from eUKHost comes with 24/7 support and flexible server management. Therefore, providing support far beyond what other hosts would typically offer.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you want to host multiple files, several websites or a service that requires a large amount of database-intensive utilisation, Eukhost hosting delivers the ultimate selection of dedicated servers, based in the UK.  

Domain Name Registration

Eukhost provides an excellent selection of affordable UK domain registration services. eUKHost offer competitively priced domain names with DNS management.

SSL Certificates

Since Google made the push towards a more secure web, SSL certificates are crucial for all websites. eUKHost offer a range of SSL certificates.

Does eUKHost Provide LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates?

Yes, eUKHost provide LetsEncrypt SSL certificates free with their shared hosting services.

Email Hosting

Aside from your hosting needs, various e-mail features are required for everyday business. You’ll likely need a few e-mail addresses for your particular domain. eUKHost provides a wide range of email services from Email Hosting to spam filtering, email signing certificates to advanced email security.


If you are looking for a new home for your existing business site or if you are just delving into an online business, it is important to have a business hosting plan that fits your needs and can continue to do so in future. eUKhost have strong foundations and offer plans focused on providing affordable web hosting and email solutions for business who desire the full functionality on a small budget.

Shared Hosting Plans

eUKHost - Basic Plan
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£3.33 /month
eUKHost - Windows Basic
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£3.33 /month
eUKHost - Intermediate
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£4.16 /month
eUKHost - Windows Intermediate
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£4.16 /month
eUKHost - Advanced
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£5.55 /month
eUKHost - Windows Advanced
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£8.33 /month

VPS Hosting Plans

eUKHost - SSD VPS Starter
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£12.99 /month
eUKHost - Windows VPS Starter
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£15.99 /month
eUKHost - VPS SSD Standard
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£19.99 /month
eUKHost - Windows VPS Standard
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£22.99 /month
eUKHost - VPS Professional
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£26.99 /month
eUKHost - Windows VPS Professional
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£29.99 /month
eUKHost - VPS Enterprise
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£33.99 /month
eUKHost - Windows VPS Enterprise
GB Web Space
GB Bandwith
£36.99 /month

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November 21, 2012

Terrible Service & Staff

Well Wirral Talk moved to E UK Host for a short period a few weeks ago and OMG what a nightmare it was. The hosting in general was ok but there security is terrible and any slight attacks to websites there servers cannot stand and at one point there server was down for two days without even stating that it was down on there status page. The staff at this company are polite but OMG they do not listen at all, even if you go to management they still don’t listen. At one point when there server was down i asked what the problem was because nothing was showing on there status page and i received a reply saying take a look at our status page the server is down, so i said no the status page says resolved and again they said check the status page its just like talking to a robot. I even had my own IP blocked many of times due to my computer email client searching for emails every 15 minutes this was looked into by management and even though they said it had been fixed it hadn’t. I then requested a refund and cancellation of my account under the 30 day money back guarantee and after monitoring the ticket i opened i found someone changed the department from “billing” to “feedback” and i replied to myself a few times stating that i will take this to a small claims court and they will then have to pay costs. Which funnily enough i received a reply from a female stating to be the owner saying “please confirm you want to to cancel” and she said the feedback department is not monitored 24/7 7 days a week which i had to repeat yet again “no this was changed by a member of your team”. AGAIN I GOT BLANKED… So i mentioned the small claims court again to be asked yet again “please confirm you want to cancel” OMG twice now i have told them i want to cancel and receive a refund and she had also said “as i have previously told you our feedback isn’t monitored” As you can see round and round in circles confirming and saying the same thing all because not one of there staff listen. So now i have confirmed twice now and still not received a refund. So this continues… Can i also add that after member receive help from each advisor they ask some people to leave good feedback on here and to mention there name so most of the reviews on here arnt genuine there actually being asked to do it and mention staff names. Me personally i think its only one member of staff working on the live chat and using different names because they all speak and say the same things. A lot of falseness to it and the CEO isnt interested either when i contacted him.

August 3, 2012

Incredible service, never let me down once.

I have been running online communities for newly 6 years, and have been using eUKhost the whole time. They have never once let me down and have always be there to help if I needed it. You could not ask for more which is why I will never use anyone else. eUKhost have a customer for life.

July 11, 2012

The most improper migrating

During last weekend eUKHost migrated there web hosting services to a newer server. Although they sent emails regarding the new SQL server IP they were expecting the customer to hire a paid third party company to update their databases with the new IP. After complaining they blamed the customer for not using glasses to be able to read their tiny font agreement terms and conditions which says they are not responsible for such a case. And Mr. Bruce the manager in the technical support department was giving a valuable advice for the new customer to copy that tiny font text of the agreement to a word doc and increase the font to be able to read it. Whats more after losing access to that website they blamed the A record that has not been changed to the new one which never provided on their migrating emails. Since that their technical support contacted, and they confirmed that the SQL IP they sent by email is the IP we should use for the A record. After changing the A records on Monday and going through their slow motion process, on Wend they informed us that the A record was pointed to the wrong IP that is only for the SQL not the A record and provided another IP. On the top of all the tone of Mr. Bruce in simply SHOUTING on us, and their live chat was disappearing without noticing leaving us in not knowing what to do.

May 10, 2012

poor service

I have been with EUK for a couple of years now, up until the last 2-3 months they have been fairly stable with only a few issue. Recently however my site has been down more times that it has been up. There is a severe lack of information given about any outtages and EUK only admit to it once you start chasing them. They attempt to cover up any issues by giving excuses such as ‘it was only an issue with your site, nobody elses’ or ‘the issue only lasted a few minutes’ which then later turns out to be false when other people report the same issues. They seem to rely on the people using their system to troubleshoot/monitor it. When I tell them my site has gone down, they go and investigate, but until then they seem to have no monitoring at all and aren’t aware of any problems. The biggest issue of course is that they don’t tell anyone about their issues. When trying to run businesses you have to ensure that your website is available 100% of the time. It’s embarrassing to tell people to visit your website when then doesn’t work. It’s also costly to have google adwords campaigns running which cost you £1 per click to take someone to a site that doesn’t work. But until you tel EUK about it, they refuse to admit there is anything wrong. and it’s that kind of failure to provide customer information that means they are among the worst hosts I’ve ever used. IF you tell people what is happening and set expectations then all issue can be handled, if you simply bury your head in teh sand and hope they go away or hope that nobody notices then you cannot expect to keep your customers

April 26, 2012

Awful Host

I have had awful hosts at dinner parties but nothing compares with EUKhost. From the time I asked them to take over my domain it took 3 weeks before they managed to transfer the site.For the first 3 days we were totaly without emails. Our business is run by them. Our contact forms are Pearl CGI and still do not work after 7 weeks of asking what has happened. On the transfer date my CGI Bin files were changed, not by me. They do not have a clue how CGI works. I have asked 3 times for an EPP code to transfer to a new provider. All I get is that they have emailed it to me. It has not arrived, they appear not to be able to send emails over their own system. My advise is stay away or you will end up like me with no email support whatsoever and no way of moving to another provider. Just to add insult to injury when I did get an emial from them I simply went to Reply in Widows live mail but it bounced as being an insecure form of email STAY AWAY

January 6, 2012

EUKHost Sold Out

After a good deal of research we went with EUKHost about 5 years ago, 4yrs of great service and uptime. Just over a year ago they must have sold out as the service is now appalling the chat service used to be good for 99% of fixes now they fix one thing and break 3 others. Service keeps going down, DNS server dies periodically so all your email stops functioning along with your websites!! Hacked regularly as they simply don’t update things, you have to fix it all yourself.

November 28, 2011

Complete Joke – Time to change

Like many of the other reviews I have read here the live chat tech support has no idea. The final straw for me was suddenly getting and error on every page (even those witout any php except an opening and closing tag). I got told it was my script by someone that clearly had no knowlede of PHP, as their was not anythng that could possibly throw an error. For those that can programme in PHP and like a good laugh, the page was as follows: Anyway i’ve been with them for about 4years and enough is enough, wasted too much time on the live chat with someone that has limited technical knowledge. If you have a static site and can tollerate a bit of down time then they are cheap. I might keep the account for some throw away sites that I don’t care about, not quite decided if I will even do this yet.

November 26, 2011

A SUPERB host – I’ve had real problems with others in the past

I am writing to say that my time with eUKhost has been amazing and looking down this review page it’s quite clear that a lot of other people have had the same experience =) not all…but they can’t please everyone! 1.) My server is awesome, I pay £100 a month for Linux – Intel Dual Core Xeon X3065 | 2 GB DDR3 RAM | 2 x 160 GB SATA RAID | Linux CentOS 6.x | cPanel/WHM | 3000 GB Bandwidth | Okay, it’s not the cheapest – But you get what you pay for….which is a very stable server. 2.) The customer service is incredible and their technical support team will happily resolve my problems via. live chat or over the telephone – No “email this department, email that department” and taking 2 days to get an answer. 3.) I’m always given plenty of notice of an up and coming invoice 🙂 4.) Domain registrations are very quick. 5.) Added me on Skype to save my calling credit! Bad points:- Accidently sent me two invoices for the same thing. Resolved with a quick live chat to their billing department. Overall I would score this host a 9/10 and they only lost a point because of the price. Understandably they do have to fund the awesome team of staff that make this hosting as good as it is so I can’t blame them really. A good host! Spike – Bossbuild Ltd

September 5, 2011

Into the abyss

We’ve had this hosting account for four years now, and to begin with everything was fantastic. Really fast, great functionality, excellent live support. This last year, it feels like the bottom has dropped out of the server and everything’s powered by hamsters. My control panel takes five minutes (not joking, actual minutes) to appear (that’s when it doesn’t time out to a blank page) and the support staff will quite happily tell me there’s no problem with the server. Put simply, the pages take ages, and nobody will help me. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

August 27, 2011

Very good service

My website is now nearly 20 years old and I’ve had various providers during that time. eUK are by far the best of the lot – in all respects.

August 24, 2011

Avoid at all costs – an utter disgrace!!! :(

I have been with Eukhost for 2 years now – FYI they also operate as webhosting.uk.com and bodhost.com, so beware, their service is a complete and utter disgrace. We hosted over 400 sites on the cpanel linux hosting platform and have encountered problem after problem, their live chat is a waste of time you are asked to put in your name the email address registered with the account, yet still they have to ask for these deatails on the opeening of chat, and then after about 30 mins of going back and forth with an Indian call centre operative with a very dubious ‘English’ name, they then tell you that you need to send a support ticket as they cant help you – what is the point of having live chat support!!! Phoning them is even worse again you end up speaking to an Indian call centre operative who turns a 5 minute conversation with someone (with a basic understanding of the English language) then becomes a phonetics marathon lasting well over an hour only to be told that you need to submit a support ticket One of my growing clients used to get 60+ enquiries a day through their form, one month ago these stopped totally, you can imagine the grief I was getting from my client, throughout the whole support process, all I got was the excuses, lies and then the blame passed to my coders (he won a Bafta for his work in 2010) at this point I employed 6 different coders to look in to the issue all saying it was an issue with the host. Still they denied it was an issue with them, then we moved the site as it was to 123-reg hosting and hey presto the site worked fine…. Now they have decided to disable phpmail on their servers, so that meant that I would have to pay my developers to recode the php mail function on 400 websites in 7 days???????? they then extended the deadline to 2 weeks, at which point I had had enough and am now in the process of migrating the sites to hostgator.com (who I have used without problem and with great customer service) Who is paying for this me??? The worst thing about all of this is that I dealt with these morons in the past, I had set up an account with Webhosting.uk.com 4 years ago, the service was fine for the first year, then my sites got hacked each site having a .htaccess file placed in the root folder (600 sites). Again I was fed a load of rubbish about the cause blaming my coding, but they assured me they had resolved the issue and that I had to manually delete all the .htaccess files myself which took ages, the following day the .htaccess files had all been hacked back in again (they were redirecting all visitors to my sites to a Russian malware site) after nine days of this I moved my sites to hostgator and bpweb, and have never had a problem since. Also when on the phone to Eukhost they pulled up my webhosting.uk.com account details insisting this was my only account – how much of a muppet did i feel. Finally their uptime guarantee is a total lie, the say a 99.8 uptime guarantee, luckily I run software that checks this and I can confirm it is closer to 82.7 We are now seeking compensation against Eukhost as are losses (for our time, client losses and lost Adword revenue) exceed £40,000 plus I hope I have made my point

July 18, 2011

Enough is enough – stay away!!

We have been a loyal customer to eUKHost for more than 3 years, but enough is enough and we have decided to move to another provider. We used to have several VPS servers and after experiencing downtime 2-3 times a month we switched to CloudServer, which is supposed to be 100% uptime. We have now been running Cloud for 5 months and have experienced at least one severe downtime every month, even with sufficient memory. The last downtime has lasted for 8 hours and we are still down!!! If you have an important website, do yourself a favor and find a more stable hosting provider.

December 26, 2010

Poorest host I have ever used

I have been with eUKHost for over a year now, and everything is fine unless things go wrong. The support team there tend to ignore most content of emails and avoid questions. Most recently, they changed thier terms and conditions, without notification, and then started to hold me to limits (i.e. Database size) that I was not even aware of. My uptime has been around 89%, and at one point this year there was a 4 day outage. They blamed this on a DOS attack, and did not even notify customers of this incident. Every contact to support would result in a ‘Few More Hours’ promise, which went on for days. My experience is, Poor technical support with poor knowledge, poor customer service, poor uptime.. I’m suprised they can remain in business this long. We need less of these types of hosts, to make room for the good ones!

November 4, 2010

EUKHOST – Excellent Host

Hi Everyone, I am come to praise EUKHOST (eukhost.com) I have been with Eukhost for approximately 4 smooth years on a linux shared hosting plan! I have in total about 8 domains registered with them and a couple of growing sites, so much so that I have just purchased a windows vps server package. Throughout any stage of the process, sales, billing and tech support are all professional. They are prompt at processing support tickets or requests for new features. They have even provided me with support on things that wouldnt normally be their responsibility. A truly excellent host!

September 13, 2010

One of the knowned Web hosting service

Hi hostrating,I would like to share some of my cool experience with my hosting company which is eukhost.com and witting a review for my hosting company so that people should know about my experience too.I have been with eukhost.com since 9 months,i really like their domains offers, its really great for someone who is starting his new website or starting a new business , I got to know about them through a website banner .My action plan after viewing there website and after talking to there sales representative for a hour or so was like i will definatly go for eukhost.com.He cleared my misconception towards hosting a website,i hope they are very techy and know very well what they are going to give to there clients.After a month i got some problem on my website regards my database and they sorted out very easily ,i am very happy on this part.so pretty cool that they reply on a very quick to the customers query. Guys i would like to suggest you to go with eukhost hosting plans .

June 11, 2010

Good value, but woeful support

eUKHost are great until things go wrong. Then, in my experience, they’re next to useless. I’m on a shared hosting linux cpanel account. The favourite excuse to me for an outage is “we’re recompiling apache”. That was yesterday’s too. I then did some investigation and found that their mysqladmin pages had been hacked. No mention of that to me on the support call. A user of the same shared server who also had problems posted on their support forum, but when I replied saying that they’d been hacked, my reply was deleted. I understand that sites get hacked, fine, but come clean with your clients, don’t cover it up or lie to them. I’m still waiting to get a copy of the apache log to see if I can identify the source of the hack. Being a UNIX administrator by trade, I’ve been very frustrated with eUKHost’s inability to give me proper technical reasons why there have been problems, and it does not inspire me with any confidence that they can look after my website or data. As a consequence I’m moving …

June 10, 2010

Reliable hosting

I’ve been using a Windows VPS account for 18 months and have been pleased with the service. There have been some issues, such as an OS corruption problem and a few billing misunderstandings, but all were resolved with speed and courtesy.

June 2, 2010

Service = Brilliant, Uptime = Abysmal

The service eukhost provide is second to none and It’s by far the best I have ever used. Whenever I have a problem they solve it so quickly it amazes me! The only problem is yes their service is great when things go wrong… but these things shouldnt have gone wrong in the first place. Uptime is one of the worst I have used, often having downtime of around 10 minutes at least once a week and often daily. I would recommend this host if your websites do not need to be reliable. But for me, running various eCommerce websites… I have to move before my customers loose their respect for me.

May 19, 2010

Excellent shared tomcat hosting !!

Sharing my tomcat hosting experience which may save you a lot of time, money and frustration I needed tomcat hosting for hosting my small business website, I started of with the well known players in the market Godaddy, after 40 min on the phone explaining the sales guy what exactly i am looking for and making the payment. The account was setup in around 2 hours and to my utter disbelief the sales dude setup PHP hosting account for me. Support was kind of arrogant and unhelpful. Absolute waste of time … then I decided to move to javahost.net .. looks good till the time to try it .. the support was extremely slow slow slow .. the account setup took over 3 days and i kept on getting invoice reminder even when i had paid the invoice .. but the major frustration was lack of support which took 2 days even for the simplest of request… Then I decided to try out eUKhost.com, naturally after two bad experiences I was very skeptic. The sales process was super quick and nice and the account was setup and running within 20 mins .. unbelievable !! These support guys at EUKHost.com are simply excellent, you can see the difference in service and it matter a lot to me. The responsiveness is super quick and guys are very helpful… All thumbs up to the whole team at EUKHost. I will strongly recommend them if you are looking for tomcat hosting service !!

May 18, 2010

Mixed experiences.

About a year ago I rented a Windows VPS from EUKhost and had nothing but positive experiences with them. Three days ago, I rented a server from them again and still can’t get access to it from any of my PC’s. The support department have been quite useless and although they respond quickly their answers are semiliterate and irelevant to my questions. THis is a great pity because I would like to receive the service I used to and to remain a customer but it looks as though I will have to go elsewhere.

February 22, 2010


As others have said – those reviewers that are not happy can not be with the same EUKHOSTS that I am – or they work for a competitor! I opened a VPS (Virtual Private Server) account with them 4 months ago. The speed of the server is frankly awsome. I’m running some heavy PHP5 / JAVA applications on it and I’ve never seen the CPU monitor go over 10%. I’ve had 100% uptime until today – when my server went off line. I called their support who said they could not resolve the problem during my call (10 minutes) but would resolve it and call me back. 20 minutes later my VPS was back up – and 5 minutes later their support called me, as promised, to tell me what the problem was and how it had been resolved – which gives me confidence that it will not happen again. I also used their on-line chat to find out how to backup my server using their offsite backup facility, as this down had given me a scare. I was told they backup all their clients VPS once a week – which is great – but I now want daily backups which they can also provide at a very reasonable cost. There is one person I have delt with in ther UK support telephone office who is frankly as thick as 2 short planks – but otherwise and overall I give this company 10/10 for everything !

February 4, 2010

Excellent value for money

I switched to This company in 2008 when I was looking to add extra redundancy to my US servers, prices had gone down a lot since 2001 where it was impossible to get a decently priced dedicated server in the UK let alone with large bandwidth… Well Eukhosts are a good company, their sales teams are good, the support is okay-ish but knowledgeable enough and their billing is fine thank you… They’re a good company to deal with as they look after their customers, rather than those faceless big US hosts that might be cheap with rubbish support and all. So all in all a good deal, did I mention that you get 20GB of free backup space with each dedicated servers? the Hardware is Dell poweredge and speed is pretty good, uptime too. some fail at times but nothing major in 2 years… Recommend! But don’t all jump in, otherwise I’ll loose my latency ;-

October 4, 2009

So far so good

No idea what support is like in a crisis, in two years not had to use it! When I have contacted support for routine queries, always a prompt and knowledgeable response. Am transferring other hosting to this company.

October 2, 2009

Matt Seymour

When I first started out hosting websites I used eUkHost and all I could say is they were fantastic. Quick setup, excellent customer support. After 2 years my website grew and I looked for better ways to host my site. I moved from eukhost and went to another company. The service was nothing like I was used to. Slow setup poor servers! So I got onto the internet spoke to the guys at Eukhost and they set me up within an hour or so on a reseller package. Which in my opinion was fantastic! Now today I am migrating from linux to windows. Again contacted eukhost, they were polite, quick to act and have got the job done. I would seriously recommend the company, from experience you will not receive the same quality of service anywhere else.

September 17, 2009

Top notch Company

I’ve been with eukhosting for about 18 months now. No significant downtime to mention, maybe a few hours over that period. The main thing is their customer service – absolutely top notch ! Every time I’ve had a problem they have sorted it out straight away, no messing. I don’t know whether they are cheap or expensive but they are very good. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good solid hosting company.

September 3, 2009

Mostly good

I’ve got a few websites on eUK and have got used to the initial quirks when setting up each site. For the most part is good and the online help box is great and always gets whatever issue it is sorted out straight away. Some of the issues I have needed help with and others were clearly ones eUK had issues with but either way, the online help sorts things asap. Their habit of migrating servers takes sites down for longer than they say it should do but overall I’d recommend.

June 15, 2009

OK if you do not want to change anything

I’ve been with eUKhost for 2 years. I’ll be gone by the end of the week. I was on their basic package for ages and that was fine – it had good up-time and there were no problems apart from once when they re-set all my MX records without asking or telling me (I was using google for mail) so I didn’t get any mail for a few days. Then I needed safe mode set to off for e-commerce, so I had to migrate to their VPS plan, and it all went wrong. The tech support team had several attempts at getting my email to work. Now it sort of works and I have lost the will to speak to them again – I have spent literally 24 hours over several days using their on-line support, and often it is a case of me telling them how to do their job. And they still don’t do it. They also billed me for cPanel even though I specifically said I didn’t want it. I have been promised call backs that never came, and I have been called when I have specifically told them (5 times) that I couldn’t take a call. In their defence I thought I had a standing order to pay them, but it turns out I didn’t, and they are still hosting my site two months later, and have given me seven extra days to move elsewhere.

June 9, 2009

Simply stunning

I needed to upgrade my shared hosting to something a little beefier, eUK’s VPS seemed like a great choice and the reviews were encouraging! Their service is simply unbeatable, any issue, any time of day and there’s someone to work on it! Any problems are first understood, then sorted and they’re always happy to help you out! I am also very happy with the value for money, once you get the hang of a VPS you really do notice how good the system is!

May 26, 2009


I have found this hosting company to be excellent for hosting my PHP 5 website and associated MySQL database.

May 17, 2009


I’ve been with eUKHost a good few years now. There support is excellent, I’m suprised a few reviews disagree with this. However, I am on a shared server, and have never had a dedicated server. Everytime I have a problem (very rarely) I go on their online chat and within a few minutes I’m speaking to someone and they are helping me. The first server wasn’t the best, the server room was flooded and it was actually a nightmare for around a week. Since moving to a new server, it’s very fast and reliable, and we were all given an upgrade to our account for free because of the downtime.

May 7, 2009


I moved to EUKHost after being recommended to them, the set up was smooth and the hosting was sorted pretty quickly. Then we started getting problems with mail, huge amounts of spam mail, junk and spoofing meaning it looked like we were sending spam email to our contacts. I was told to buy the SPAM filter, we did nothign improved and we were told that the reason for this was that the server wasn’t set up right and that all mail was destined to arrive regardless of filters. I believed we had SPAM and ANTI VIRUS installed, we didn’t, despite being billed for it. I then reported we had a virus on the server, I was told there wasn’t one, I insisted there was and they then admitted I was right, but they did not manage to fix it before the server crashed completely, I reported it on the Saturday and despite assurances they were fixing the problem at 2pm the following Monday they had done nothing and had to then start re installing the server. It then went back up and all the problems we had fixed with our email were back, two weeks later our email was still unmanageable when we noticed the server crashed again, Saturday again I reported it, its now Monday and still no solution. Again I’ve been told we have a virus and that the OS needs to be reinstalled. We have a dedicated and managed server, yet often if we have a problem they bat the problem back to us, the telephone support is weak, they ask you to email and in this case when my server was down, I got no reply to 5 emails asking for help. With ten sites currently down I would seriously not recommend EUKHOST to anyone, this is not a reliable service at all and when something goes wrong there is NO sense of urgency in fixing it. If you have 1 site with them perhaps its different but this is no solution for business. I SERIOULSY RECOMMEND YOU GO ELSEWHERE!

A great choice

I had my sites hosted to a US hosting company which was a nightmare. Server was down s’thing like 2-3 times / day. Then I decided to move everything to eUKhost and that was indeed a great decision. Support is top of the tops server speeds are awesome (even faster than my country’s local servers!) they solved minor problems really quicky and its been 2 months now i haven’t seen my sites down not even for a second. Highly recommended.

April 18, 2009

Great Company

Have been using eUKHost for 3 months now and although the site has gone down for maybe 5 minutes from time to time the uptime has been fine in general. Customer service and support is excellent. Any support emails were fixed and answered within an hour. I just called them to upgrade my package as we need more mySQL databases. They just changed the limit from 5 to inifinite at no extra cost – thats service!

March 17, 2009

Absolutely terrible company

Do not go with this company! For one they are an absolute rip-off in comparisson to most other web hosting services. I only chose them for their ‘great customer service’ which in the end turned out to be their worst quality! They will lie to you constantly, connect you to call centers in god knows where and provide you with the worst B2b customer service out there. Honestly I have never been with a hosting company that was as poor as this. Even chosing a free hosting ad-supported service would have been better. Cant wait to get my DNS updated so I am not with this awful awful company any more!!!!! james

February 25, 2009

eUKHost Ruby on Rails

I started with eukhost 2 years ago. They could have been alot more helpful setting up ruby on rails, but I could tell it was fairly new for them, and after about 2 weeks of correspondance. I was up and running… The contact support is fairly quick… My biggest problem is I am using ruby and I am not allowed to run it on port 80. Therefore I do not have apache config control and I have to have use a proxy to get my site seen on www.mysite.com instead of www.mysite.com:rubyport…. Once set up everyting is fine, until they change configuration on my machine. Then my site goes down…. It is left to you to find out they have upgraded their machine and your site is down… It takes at least 4 emails to them to get it up…. Their first reply is. We’ve run your application and it says there is an error with it. Its your fault not ours. To which I reply I have not changed my code… Until now, it has not been critical that my site has been up. However, I want to start selling on it. I am looking to move elsewhere.

January 26, 2009


This has got to be the most over published and most useless hosting solutions provider in the world, let alone in the UK. Tech’s = less clued up than a 5 year old with a vtech. Billing = must work for the government ‘cos they don’t understand finance. Customers = if your still with them, then your with the right company 😉

January 13, 2009

Very Polite

Very Polite on the phone but their chat support could be 100% better have been with them for 2 years but feel it is time to move on half way through my contract

December 22, 2008

Top notch service and support

Excellent service all round. From the helpfulness of the sales team through the promptness and efficiency of the technical support team. Highly recommended.

December 11, 2008

The Best

What Can I Say about these guys? They ROCK!!! Quick Support actually no Lightning speed support, practically no downtime and awesome prices!!! Nice! 🙂

December 2, 2008

Eukhost 3 Month Review

I have been with Eukhost for 3 months very exselect support 24/7 and i have been early hours and still they was ther to help mark senior sales manager is a nice guy also spoke to them on the support the semi dedicaited servers are the best you can ever get they just offer vaule for money i promise u that eukhost are the best for money and good uptime.

October 23, 2008


I have used eUKhost for over 1 and a half years now, and quite simply the title of this review says it all. Yep, I have had 2 incidents of downtime, but both times recieved an apology almost instantly saying why they were down etc. The support is absoultley second to none, generally replies to emails are within 2 hours, or instant replies on live chat. The servers are very secure and well maintained, and their prices are awesome! Bascially, those who have had bad experiences either cannot have been using the same eukhost I know! Thanks EUK!

October 19, 2008

Excellent Hoster

I transferred some website from fasthosts to eukhost in the last months, and I’m very happy with eukhost. The support is excellent and really fast. I have email answers mostly within 10 minutes. They helped me to transfer the domains and solved all my problems at creating the pages at the new space. The reliability and uptime is also very good. I didn’t have any bad experiences so far… Features are good, but not the best I’ve seen so far. I ordered cpanel hosting

October 16, 2008

Excellent Service

I have joined eukHosts from FastHosts and have to say that their service and support have been most impresive. I definitely could not fault them. My first support request, related to using Tomcat, was responded to within five minutes and even when my site needed to be moved from one server to another (as the original did not run tomcat) all was done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them any time.

October 11, 2008

Real Service from eUKhost

Moved to eUKhost from Webfusion, what a breath of fresh air, service superb, customer support second to none all at excellant prices.

July 21, 2008

Im satisfied

I’ve read the negative reviews and I don’t recognise those experience at all. I suspect they’ve been written by competitors. I’ve been with them nearly a year and the service has been just great. There was a few setup niggles but they were resolved quickly. I have used the livechat system to get quick answers to the questions I have and they’ve been answered or an answer was provided within an agreed timescale. From what I see they are committed to providing a quality service and this is what I’ve experienced. I could get more for less elsewhere but at the cost of whinging customers, hell no!

July 9, 2008

Excellent serivce and support

I have been hosting my site with eUKhost for a year now and have had absoloutely no problems with them whatsoever. If ever I had a query I could easily contact them via their live chat service which is free and always gets you through to an operator immediately. I have also contacted them by email with a quick response and by phone, also quick and painless and very helpful. Be careful if you want to pay by cheque as they don’t seem to accept them anymore despite what it says on their invoices. I am on the Windows Copper hosting plan running an ASP.NET site with AJAX and have had no trouble. The Plesk control panel they use is a Godsend. Always very helpful and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

June 22, 2008


Eukhost are pure legends – I love them!!!! No, seriously I don’t know why people have given them 3s and 4, my experience is that I have had 99% uptime, and the downtime that I have had was either forewarned or for a really good reason (i.e. both backup generators and the main power going down – talk about unlucky). They provide really good cheap packages, with perfect 100% support, friendly people. No security probs, great prices, well recommended.

March 25, 2008


I have transferred to eUKHost from Nativespace (who I have to say were 100% reliable) the reason being mainly, that they offer online support which as a web developer I need if a client has a problem, Also they off a full range of products including dedicated servers. The reliability hasn’t been a patch on Nativespace, they are a lot cheaper and that is always a worry. But I’m sticking with them for now.

March 17, 2008

Live support any time is pretty good

The support, as advertised, is awesome. Live chat any hour of the day or night, never been at a loss. They are willing to help even the most clueless and will do it for you if they can. If you’re in any doubt, go and try the live chat right now and ask what sort of deals they have. Prices are good enough, uptime so far so good.

March 3, 2008

Not Happy

very, very poor servers, always going down. You might save a couple of pounds a month but be prepared to have to spend days trying to sort issues out and lots of downtime

February 6, 2008

Excellent support

I have been using eUKhost for over a year and have found them to be ideal for my needs. I have been particularly pleased with their technical support who have always been very quick to respond and have helped me out of a pickle several times.

January 21, 2008

Excellent Dedicated Server and Support

When I was looking to move my hosting to a new company I did what most people that are reading this review are doing now , looking at what everyone else says, what I found was that most people only complain, so here’s an exception. Great customer service, Great system for only £4k so great price as well. An example of the support 1am in the morning needed some support, call the 0808 (free phone) number and waited a couple of mins while continuing to google to web for a answer. I found the answer so put the phone down. Couple of mins later eUKHost RANG me so see if they could help as they has a missed call, thats what I call support. ps he did help me as well!!! David Knowles Director db Management Systems

December 21, 2007

Iffy setup – Otherwise Great Value

Initial setup wasn’t the best, with the telephone operators being quite difficult to understand. (I had a few special conditions to amend on my account, otherwise the setup would have been more streamlined) However they were punctual with phoning me back and working to get my account setup to my requirements. Just I had to repeat myself wuite a lot. Once setup, I have had no problems with this host, using it mainly for my own php mysql development projects. If you can find the patience to work through occasionally tricky communication with the customer service team, then you can really take advantage of this great value host.

November 21, 2007


This has been the best hosting experience I have had for a long time. On-line support is excellent and technical support a (free) call away. Very little downtime at all so highly recommended.

October 19, 2007

Excellent hosts

I have had hositng with eukhosts as a windows reseller for around 1.5 years. At first they didnt have great up time, but for the last 6 moths there service has been top notch, and the 24 chat support is excellent. Also, the price can not be beaten. I have tried every other hosts, some were as good, but none come close to the cost. (roboteknic.com)

Really really bad

I moved to these guys in Jan 2007, and signed-up to their “too good to be true” basic package. After my account was suspended for “too much activity”…. I upgraded to their gold shared package…. after my account was suspended for “too much activity” I moved to their basic VPS. For a few weeks, everything was great, but over an 11 month period, I’d estimate that the site has been down for about 2 weeks in elapsed time. When I say “site”, it’s generally MySQL, but has also been apache, and occasionally (just for completeness) FTP. Really, really bad service. Fast support responses, but generally the “I’ve restarted it” kind, rather than actually diagnosing the problem. I’m moving (back) to Fasthosts…..

October 11, 2007

eUKHost Review

Considering the great price they offer i was suspicious. But having been with them for half a year i only have praise for this company. The support is the main reason i joined as it’s 24/7. But beyond that the limit less functionality of your hosting has meant that i can easy host many complex database driven websites.

July 17, 2007

Great service – recommended

I know different people can have different experiences with the same hosting company, and some people may have had bad experiences, but my experience has been great. I bought a reseller plan several months ago and I currently have 99.95% uptime which I think is pretty good. Their customer support has been very helpful with my problems, and I’d recommend them just for that. My personal experience with them has been very good.

May 18, 2007

Good value for money

I have used Eukhost for about 5 years now. The service has proved quite reliable, about 6 months ago there was some problems with the server where my site was hosted and I noticed that my website was down several times over a 2 months period, the problem has now been fixed and I have not experienced any problems since. The E-mail customer service is excellent. Forget the chat support, unless you have a very basic problem. The comments put in the forum are read and responded within 24 hours. Overall I am very happy with this ISP and find it very helpful.

September 9, 2006

Best Support Service

I have never seen a support service like eukhost has. Beyond my expectation. And I would award them as one of the best Web hosting company in UK. I have multiple websites. And I am not new to web hosting business. But this is the best thing I have ever seen and eUKhost has been a catalyst in my success on web.

eUKhost – What can I say?

eUKhost has been a fantastic service for me, they have had extreme uptime so far, and 24/7 support as promised, staff are polite & professional. eUKhost is the best UK hosting company!

Excellent Service and Support!

My site has been hosted on eukhost for more than 6 months now, and I’ve not had any bad experiences with them. Setup was almost instant, The domain was up and running in less than a day! The support team has been very helpful all the time with any technical issue my developer had. They have really good customer service, helpdesk and support system, and they get back to you quickly. Hard to belive that they can offer such good service at such low prices. They come highly recommended from me, Cheers!

Great Customer Service

I have been a customer of Eukhost for couple of years. There was a time a couple of years ago where the level of customer service dropped and server uptime was not that good but I continued my account. Service, uptime and support improved dramatically and I think the level of service atm is second to none. I really dont see a better deal on the net at the moment but I am one of the happiest customer of eukhost.

Possibly the worst host ever

I have had so many problems with this host, its unbelievable. They sold me a server hosted in the US when they specifically state they are a uk based hosting company. They promised to move me to another server located in the uk but somehow that was too challenging for them. The server must have died about 20 times in the 10 days that i have used it. In fact my server is down now for a change. Customer service is equally useless.


They gave good service for a few months, but today all my sites went down without warning with an ‘account suspended’ page put on it. Writing to them, they say ‘oh you’ve been spamming your own server’. WTF? Why would I spam my own server. Incompetent fools, stay clear.


As with previouse persons review their servers seem to spend more time down than up, as I write it has crashed again for what must be the 5th time in 2 months

Appaling service DO NOT USE THEM!

These peole have had a whole servers worth of websites (including mine) offline now for over 48hrs and do not seem to be able toget their act together still. This hosting company is not worth the saving, I have lost so much money through downtime and poor customer service!

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