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Established in 2001, WebHosting UK has grown to be one of the leading web hosting companies in the UK. WebHosting UK’s mission is to provide for the need for high quality, value for money web hosting in the UK.

WebHosting UK provide a wide array of services include Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Server Hosting on both Linux as well as Windows platforms.

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Webhostinguk.com Awful

There has been a progressive spiral of deterioration in the service since I first started with them over 4 years ago and in the last 18 months it has become a joke. Their email servers are so frequently blacklisted that they decided to disallow server based email facilities on their basic hosting package. The process of finding out about this could have been made into a sitcom. Not only did they not tell their customers about the discontinuation of this essential service but the support staff did not know either and I was asked to re-write code for the site and sent here there and everywhere looking for a solution to a problem of their own making that they knew nothing about. The lack of comprehension and commmunication in 1st and 2nd line support in this and so many other matters is abysmal and I cannot decide if the support staff don’t speak English as a first language, are illiterate, or simply don’t care. So, when invited to give an opinion about “Jeffrey” on the help desk I did not hold back and said in truth that he was dishonest, uninformed, didn’t respond to my questions and seemed disinterested in his job. Within 24 hours of posting this feedback my site had been hacked and flagged on Google as posting malware. Whilst the two could be unrelated, I wonder who would have thought it worthwhile or would have the expertise to crack a 10 digit alphanumerical case sensitive password with complex characters to get into a low traffic inconsequential, apolitical and uncontroversial site. Surely not a disgruntled member of their own their staff who had just had bad feedback and had access to my site? You decide. I have moved. Goodbye Jeffrey, goodbye John Strong (Managing Director). For those of you left on this sinking ship, consider giving them only glowing feedback just in case your web site too gets coincidentally crippled. I had not realised quite how bad this outfit had become until after I moved to another supplier, where from the outset I have had facilities, performace, support and professionalism which bears so little comparison to what these cowboys offer that I am relieved and delighted that I finally voted with my feet.

So far so good with Webhosting UK

Managing an online store isn’t an easy job always. I have one. With my earlier hosting provider, I got all the features except for a prompt support. This had caused a lot of downtime to my website. Being new in business, I lost of lot of potential customers because of this. I heard about Webhosting UK and decided to switch to it after doing a good amount of research. Since I have been with Webhosting UK, its not that there has been no issues with my website but what I am trying to highlight here is the prompt response that has saved my website from any ever lasting effects. It can never be the case that a website has no issues at all, there might be issues however if they are sorted within a short span of time, there will not be any bad impact of such issues. Moreover as I was not completely aware of the web hosting platform when I switched to Webhosting UK, I used to contact them for all the small things and no matter what it was I have always got a quick response. Today its been an year since I am with the company and I must say that I am extremely happy with my web hosting investment. The importance given to all the small and big issues makes WHUK different. I would like to recommend it to everyone who wishes to sign up for a hassle free web hosting solution.