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We want you to get the most out of your hosting with us and to that end our engineers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Our network and servers are monitored constantly and in the event of a failure we are automatically notified and deal with the problem as it happens. All our engineers are Microsoft Certified and are encouraged to constantly update their skills and knowledge through an ongoing training and certification process.

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I have used Hostinguk for some years now and found that their technical support is generally prompt and knowledgable. On switching to a VPS I sufferred a series of system crashes which did a lot of ‘online’ damage. Though the systems were fixed, eventually I had a replacement VPS my overall good impression has taken a knock. Absolutely zero feedback on the cause of the crash. Weakness on my site, or a dodgy system their end – no idea! So after 10 years using them I must reluctantly look at an alternative. I can understand things going wrong, a wall of silence means my valuable web sites are at continued risk. Just a simple comment to web hosts. The reason we are using a host is because we have a level of undersatnding of the web. Treat us like intelligent users and we will work better with you!


Telephone and email support has been excellent quick, knowledgeable and consistent. Overall very good in terms of uptime. Only one blip – they removed parent paths from our MS server without telling us and we had a long period when our site was down and before we worked out what was wrong.