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UK2 is located in London’s Canary Wharf area at the heart of Europe’s undisputed Internet city. is dedicated to offering a range of plans for small business, large companies and private users online cheap and effectively. Offering cut-throat low prices yet still providing you with rock-solid services to run your business.

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The WORST hosting company I have ever had.

The WORST hosting company I have ever had. I’ve used reseller hosting – I’ve lost a lot of clietns because of horrible hosting.


UK2 have an admin panel for VPS servers that doesn’t work. Consequently, sometimes it does not charge for the service especially when you add-on extra things like RAM or storage. UK2’s policy seems to be that if a customer doesn’t pay, they automatically delete all traces of their account without notification or warning. I moved to UK2 to grow my business which required a VPS server and would happily pay for the service had it been billed. Now the site is deleted and I have a backup on my own computer from before the move. Please avoid this host, they are unreliable and don’t have any contingencies if things go wrong. They are an unacceptable choice to use for personal or business use.

Uk 2 services

I had been a customer of uk2, to be honest i have never had a problem with them, usually if you have a problem they try to resolve the issue, i have hosted a php site using concrete 5. i dont have much knowledge of websites, however when ever i mess up something they are always their to help


Beware of taking your business to UK2. Absolute rubbish service. They upgraded there servers 11 days ago, saying the site was going to be down for a few hours. Everthing went totally pear-shaped. Our e-commerce site was down from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon. Two days laters, the site went down again, with the same issue, cause by errors in the server upgrade. The issue was not resolved until the next day. Another two days laters, the site went down agian, and it is now the 4th day, and the site is still down. Out of the last 11 days, the site has been running for only 3 – 4 days. They use a ‘Ticket ‘ system to log requests for technical support, but this goes down a blackhole, and you are passed from pillar to post, with no idea when you issue is going to be fixed. Every effort is made to hide away from there customers – they refuse any request for contact details. So you have no idea when your querry or technical requests will be sorted out. They say they are there for you 24/7 – rubbish – in reality they go home at 5pm-ish like everybody else and are definitely not there to help you at weekends. Yes, they have tech support in case of emmergency, but they do not regard you site going down – TOTALLY THROUGH THERE OWN FAULT – an emergency. They take money for ‘Premium Site Backup’, but when you are in shit and need the backup, you find they have not provided the service. As you can appreciate from this blog, I am almighty-pissed-off. This is not the first or second time this has happened, and it is just going on and on. If I had known the service was going to be this bad, I wouldn’t even have taken their service for free. We have not sold anything on the site for 11 days now! Are you ready to be UK2s next customer?????

Overloaded servers – no real tech support

We have a very simple website that is essentially a single 20Kbase web page with almost all the embedded content coming from other sources. Every week or so this would fail to be delivered for several hours or more – web page diagnostic tools found the site intermittently unresponsive or so slow that the header alone took many seconds to come through. To be clear – this is just the html, not the graphics. First line tech support reported the server we were on was overloaded from other sites and escalated our case so that the server config could be adjusted. But after that we were told ‘the problem is that your site design is unoptimized’, ‘the web is sometimes slow – just deal with it’, ‘you need to buy a dedicated virtual server’ and ‘you will need to talk to billing if you’re not happy’. No one after the first line tech support would admit there was a server load problem with too many sites on one server, they instead wanted to sell us a 75+USD/month solution to serving a single web page.

Worst EVER

UK2 were great at first, that lasted less than 2 weeks! Have a problem during the week and you usually get a response fairly quickly, but any problems on a Friday night or over the weekend and you can forget it! Slow loading websites on our reseller account EVERY day at 3pm through to about 5pm. MySQL errors on every website due to server overloads. Fixed? Not for over 24 hours! All websites gone offline at least 5 times in 3 weeks. And not just for a couple of minutes at a time. They go offline for hours on end, usually at least 5 or 6 hours each time. Luckily we only host a dozen or so websites on the account, so moving them to another host won’t be too much of a problem.

Only problems …

Beginning – great – fast response etc after 3 months – support – tickets – no reply or you have to wait more than 20 hour, chat – unavailabe .. .. hopeless

UK2 Hosting Experience

Worst experience I have ever had with a host, DO NOT USE if you are thinking of hosting a CMS. It took 72 hours to respond to a simple 30 second fix that their cPanel does not allow access to: max_allowed_packet. Do not use this host as they are totally unrelieable, their Live Chat facility is never connected to an actual person and therefore is just an extra tool allowing you to leave messages and my support requests don’t get ever answered. Unlucky for them I’m moving to BlueHost. I have not had any uptime, support or customer service and the cPanel features are extremely poor. As for the price, I have yet to see what I am paying for ie;you get nothing for paying something with this host.

UK2 are the worst i have used

Miss one payment and they delete your site. If you’re a reseller they delete all your customer sites. I dont mean for outstanding arrears, I mean if a direct debit doesnt go through for example. There support is the worst i’ve used. They actually LIE and tell you they have done things that they haven’t. I asked for a backup restoration to be restored on the phone and they kept telling me they had done it and placed it in my webspace but it wasnt there. Using the support ticket system gets you nowhere, you get 1 line responses that dont tell you anything, almost like they haven’t read your initial question. On the phone you’ll be lucky if they can even find your account let alone understand any requests or queries you have. If you ever lose or forget yur login password your shit outa luck because they wont send you a new one. DO NOT PAY UPFRONT FOR 12 MONTHS. They will suspend you afetr a couple of months claiming you were sending spam and instead of helping you resolve the issue they will take your money and demand you pay for a dedicated server. VERY VERY POOR SERVICE.

UK2 – Terrible Downtime, Bad Attitude, One to avoid.

I have never written a bad review of any product or service in my entire life. With UK2, I feel compelled to do so. I am an IT professional, software developer and website designer and so have a good deal of knowledge about the services out there. UK2 is cheap, and for good reason. I was previously an affiliate but will be terminating my affiliation with this company as soon as possible. Uptime has been appalling, at one time going down for 14 hours without explanation. My website goes down at least three times a day. On informing UK2 of this, their attitude was that I had got my facts wrong, not monitored the server properly and had used poor monitoring software. (I used 4 different monitoring solutions all with exactly the same results.) UK2 just don’t care. I also have hosted a number of clients on this host and have had problems right across the board. One minute performance will be fine, the next not, next an SSL certificate won’t work correctly causing major security issues, that next minute it will be fine. Then FTP will go down, then MYSQL and slowly the whole situation becomes a nightmare. To give credit where it is due, Technical support sometimes try to resolve problems but more often take a laid-back, it’s cheap so you get what you pay for – approach. In fact, they suggested that I should hire a VPS from them if I wanted decent uptime. Totally arrogant. They have all sorts of hidden charges such as having to pay for DNS management and other such basics. Misleadingly, they won’t mention any of this at signup. I have been patient with this company and have now come to the end of my tether with it all. I have all of my email communication with them to prove just how patient I have been with things. I realise that there are good reviews out there, but I would encourage people to realise that when things are going right, it’s fine, when things go wrong, which is often, they seem to disappear; when you need them most. I’m so disappointed. If you make one good decision today, make the decision to avoid UK2 and find an alternative provider. I hate being negative about any company and so it is a shame that I have had to be so in this review.

Fast response to problems

I know this might not sound very positive for UK2 because they always seem to be having some issues, but every time I have opened a ticket with them or called them on the phone they have resolved their problems the first time. Their support guys are professional and friendly and always are knowledgeable. They might not have the best services around, but when their services mess up which seems to be occurring quite often now they get them resolved.

Mostly reliable service, but poor support.

I have been using for about 7 years and rarely had any major issues, but recently their technical team has gone AWOL on me on what seems to be a very simple problem that is definitely at their end. I can’t seem to raise them after 2 weeks. I tried contacting their billing team and threatening to cancel my account, but they just gave me the obligatory offer to forward my email to the technical team again and no-one was particularly interested in retaining my custom. Needless to say: I have now cancelled! I’ve worked in retail and I’m not one of those “difficult customer”s; I tried to do everything that I could to get my problem smoothly resolved and continue to use their service. If you’re running a business etc. then you should really stay away from this kind of weak service….it can cost you your money and reputation. There are plenty of competitors out there who will offer you UK2’s facilities but with better support, so I’d advice skipping over this company and looking elsewhere!

Worst experience of any provider

We had four outages in our first four weeks of hosting, even after paying for upgrades. We were charged twice for hosting without refund. We have been trying to get our domain off of UK2 for 2 months now, fighting every step of the way. Now it is held hostage due to ‘technical issues’ that somehow stop them from releasing the domain. Highly un-recommended.

Excellent UK2 customer service

Every time I have had to contact UK2 customer service technicians they have been very professional and courteous. The other day I talked with a man for over 45 minutes until he was able to help me retrieve some information from a blog post that I had thought that I erased but was actually misplaced by myself. I don’t even think it had anything to do with UK2. That was really nice of him.


i had been a customer of uk2 and by enlarge i feel satisfied with the service they are offering for the price its is good, i cant say that i did not have issues with them but generally they are ok

Staying another year with UK2

So I finally decided today that I would sign up with uk2 for another year. I know that not all hosting providers are going to be perfect and compared to my previous experiences I have to say that uk2 has given me the best services for my money. I am going to be switching my site pages to joomla hosting in the next couple of weeks so I hope everything goes well. If not I will let everyone know about any issues that might arise from doing so.

Quick response to problems

I know this might not sound the like the most positive experience to review uk2 on but the other night I called with some technical issues. I got a hold of a young lady that was super nice, but really didn’t have a clue what she was doing or talking about for that matter. I simply asked her to switch me to someone else and after a few hesitations she finally did. The guy she switched me to fixed my problems right away, I guess not all techy are trained the same.

UK2NET high charges

Hello, I have dot a domain name with UK2NET since May 2011. I have requested later DNS Management option and they charged me £16.00+VAT, this is a price per year if you want to use DNS Management for your domain name. Now, I want to transfer my Nominet (.uk) domain name to other host and they want to charge me £12.99+VAT for this. I have no other option, but to pay. Be careful with their hidden charges.

The Ryanair of Domain registrars

UK2’s business model is similar to that of Ryanair – bring in punters by headlining one of the cheapest domain registrations on the web, and then charge the earth for customers to actually use the domain afterwards. Want to add Normal DNS records? You’ll have to buy the DNS manager! Want to add Glue records? You’ll have to buy the Advanced DNS manager! Want to move your Domain away to someone that doesn’t charge for everything? Guess what? You’ll have to pay to move away! (More than the original registration, ill add!) Want some support? Pay £0.50p/min to call us, because we’re not replying to our email! Save yourself time, hassle, and a LOT of money and use 123reg!

I like everything about UK2

Ok so I don’t really know a lot about websites and web hosting, I usually let my son set up everything on the internet for me. Today I decided to try to set up an account with UK2 because I wanted to launch a quick online site for my new business venture I was starting out. It deals with pet grooming services mostly, but I also sell supplies for people who want to care for their pets in between scheduled appointments. Thanks UK2

Cheap business hosting and domains free

I am not one to leave reviews but I feel it necessary to let everyone know about the great offer I got when I signed up with UK2. I got their business booster bundle which is working out for me. I am able to list my sites with their business directory, and I got a great price. I have mentioned this to all my colleagues at work, and just today I was talking with a guy at a coffee shop and he said he was going to check it out.

Other hosting providers charge more

I was checking some other web hosting sites the other day because I was thinking about switching from UK2 because I wanted to save some money. After going through a couple of sites, I found that UK2 is the cheapest around. I did consider changing some of my options and upgrading with a new company that offering unlimited features, but after I checked back with UK2 I saw that all I had to do was upgrade with them and I would get the same deal for less so I did.

Found the best web hoster

If you are searching the net in hopes to find the best web hosting provider than you can end your search now! I have found them and it is UK2. I have been with these guys for almost a year now and I have no complaints at all. I never have been more delighted with a site hosting provider than I am now. You get all the tools you need for a cheap price, and your site is never down. is absolutely the best out there today.

Cheap web hosting

I am so glad I found UK2 for my hosting provider. They have 100 percent up times so far and I like how easy everything is to use with these guys. I haven’t had to contact anyone from tech support so I can’t really speak on that. I wish I would have found these guys a couple of months ago, I signed up with another provider and they are still charging me even though I canceled my contract with them.

Colocation issues solved with UK2

I have been looking for a place where I could keep all my business data safe without worrying about someone stealing all my information. The way things are these days you can never rest knowing that there are thieves out there just wanting for you to slip up just one time. I found by searching on Google for colocation services in the UK and so far I am completely satisfied by what they offered me.

No issues with UK2

I have been with UK2 for about 4 years now and I have never had issues with any part of their business. My account is always up to date and I am able to have my website operating at peak hours of the day without any disturbance from security updates or anything like that. The one thing that UK2 has over their competition is a positive attitude that goes all the way the company. I am proud to tell everyone that how long I have been with UK2 and recommend their services.

Basic hosting provider

If you need simple basic web hosting services that are straight forward and easy to use then you have to look into They have the best prices I could find anywhere in the UK. Simple to set up products with their web hosting services and 100% uptime so far without any interruptions during normal hours of day. I can’t complain, I use these guys and I know a lot of my friends and family do as well.

UK2’s awesome website builder tools

So I have been with UK2 now for a couple of weeks. They were referred to me by a friend of mine because she told me how easy it was for her to build a website. I was like “you build a website”. But yeah she builds her own website in one night! WOW, I couldn’t believe it so I checked UK2 out and sure enough, I was able to build my own web site as well. Thanks UK2 for having such simple and easy to use tools.

UK2 Hostage more like

As an independent IT troubleshooter for large organisations, my professional advice is to steer well clear. UK2’s conduct is to criminal. One of the organisations I support have hosted sites with UK2 for a around 2 years. This week they had a big product launch and the website was to play a significant part, when UK2 admin team decided the site was using too much resources, despite being well within the paid-for quota. Instead of contacting the site owner, UK2 turned off ALL sites. When we chased them they said we had to buy an upgrade, which we did. They still refused to enable the site AND refused to allow access to the backend to download our databases until we purchased a further upgrade, which we did. Then they said they couldn’t provide access until we purchased a third upgrade. 24hours later, not only do we have no website, they refuse to allow us to download our own content and DB in order to migrate it elsewhere. (1&1 is the other big supplier to avoid at all costs)

Bad customer service

I have bought web hosting service from a month ago. First of all, it took several days until they installed my account (they have not provided the correct password at the automatic email) The second problem was that they refused to provide any assistance to transfer my old domain from yahoo hosting (told me I have to pay more money). Several days ago, when the first month was about to end, they have closed my account without any warning! they did not contact me by email, nothing! so, all my customers could not reach my website for more than 48 hours! When I contacted their chat support, and told them that it is not proffesional attitude to close my account without any warning, there wasnt any response that its their fault, and they just sent me a link to another webpage so I can pay them for another month. To sum it up, their attitude to customers is very unfriendly, and they wont help you with any problems that may happen.

Great hosting plans

UK2 has so many different options when it comes to their web hosting plans. I decided to go with the business web hosting plan because I felt like it gave me the most features that I would use the most. Perhaps down the road I will want to upgrade my services, but for now I am completely happy with I got and the money that I am paying for it. I haven’t had to use their tech support team yet because everything is so easy and simple to use.

UK2 is Good!

I have been using Uk2 for the last 8 years and have never had any real concerns, They did charge me incorrectly for services, but they did sort this out for me and i was happy to continue. The network speed is good and i only ever had one problem with downtime which only lasted a few minutes. The only thing that i could be improved upon is charging for all the extra’s services that you need. I would like to see more consideration giving to customers when the develop the pricing plans.


I have been using for a few years. I am a web designer and have a ever growing list of Clients. host all these sites as well as providing email accounts for all my customers business needs. I have had problems but only because of my own lack of knowledge but UK2’s support are always there to help me, I raise a ticket and always have the answer in my inbox when I look for it. I recommend them, as for charges, everyone charges and if the service is good then it makes my job easier and I’m happy. I find UK2 down to earth, friendly and I will continue my relationship with them. Like an old wine it gets better with time 🙂 cheers UK2

Good job uk2

I have several sites with UK2 and access them from outside the UK – but I can get quick answers and help from Live Support and quick answers and helpful advice means I have no problems using this service. Well done!

Fast suport team

We’ve been a UK2 customer for over 10 years & I am happy to recommend their services. Their customer services and chat service is especially useful when we need support fast!

Loud Duck Design

I have many sites with and as a web designer cannot fault them. Excellent service and the support is out of this world – always fast to respond and very helpful. Top notch service from the best in the business!

UK2 Reseller Account Down AGAIN

I moved here with teh view of adding extra functionality to my customers which works great, just a shame that since moving the reseller account has been down probably 1 every 2 weeks, the server has been hacked as often as well and teh support don’t seem to know what the back end admins are doing and as for status updates to tell teh users, forget it…. I want my money back is all I can say! web hosting issues

I can’t say that I have never had issues with UK2 because I sure have. Especially the last few months since my business had began to pick up. I used a few colocation sites to help ease off the main site so it would not keep crashing which was something a friend of mine recommended me to do. I have to say that I found that moodle hosting or even word press hosting also worked well because it allows more traffic flow with less down time. I like that this is all included with for no extra charge.

UK2 is a gem

I was in the need of a service company that could get my website up and running after several failed attempts with a well-advertised company that I will not mention in this review. I stumbled upon UK2 when I was surfing for web hosting companies. I was able to build several sites quickly and have them up with little down time involved. The services these guys offer is fantastic when compared to the prices they are charging. When my site builds up and my clientele continues to mature I plan on looking into their colocation site that offers more security.

Satisfied UK2 customer

I have been with Uk2 for several years and find them to be reliable when it comes to my web hosting needs. I have been in business for myself looking to develop my company from the ground up and need a web hosting company that I could depend on to have my products available 24 hours a day so my customers from around the world could get the supplies that they needed. UK2 was able to do just that and for that I am grateful. I plan on being with this company for years to come.

A poor performer in the market are out dated, their hosting and domain control panels are either weak or lacking, they charge you extra for everything. If you want to move away from them they make it as difficult as possible. My advice… go to pretty much any other provider as are a poor performer in the crowded market place.

Bad move

I thought this would be a great move to a more full featured service after getting fed up with Clook. How wrong could I be! Even more downtime, no backups unless you pay extra (which is not what the advertising said) and the tech support guys are unbelievably slow and sometimes downright offensive. Are there actually any decent web hosts out there?

Never a problem

I have been with UK2 for years and never had any issues that I have seen others claim to have had. I own an upscale shop and use the web for a lot of traffic. My web sites offer direct links to my online sales so I would know if I had issues. No one has ever said that my sites have been down or that they can’t contact me through my email or other lines of communication. For the price I pay for my service UK2 has been the perfect solution for all my sales and business needs.

UK2 network is real good

I got a domain their ecommerce package. First thing I noticed, the control panel could be easier – it’s too damn hard to see what’s what with all that stuff around. Without prior experience you can find yourself lost. The support may be quick but the replies given aren’t always as clear as I’d want. It takes time to understand, to specify, to ask more precisely, and all this can be repeated more than once. But once you get all thid sorted, I think you will be pleased with uk2’s services, ‘cause their network is real good. Appalling Rip-Off Merchants

I have had the misfortune of buying domains through Not only do they trap you in an underhanded ‘auto-renew’ system – you actually have to send them a request (either 30 days or 60 days) to be able to move to another host. Then they charge you a fee for this ‘service’. “Customer support” can take up to 7 days to respond. Some of the reviews I have read here that give 5 stars are obviously fake. Just Google and look at the horror stories that customers have to tell.

UK2 is a stable hosting provider

Haste is a bad advisor if you mean for your hosting experience to last and be a success instead of a disappointment. I rummaged through a huge pile of websites, users’ reviews and FAQs before I finally made up my mind about uk2. Was it worth it? Damn right it was! I’ve had some experience with blind luck, and I wouldn’t want to repeat it. What I like about uk2, they are stable. In every possible way. You don’t have to worry with them, and I treasure my peace of mind.

good value for money

I’ve been with uk2 for several fruitful months. The services they provide are as good as you can expect from an experienced company. Of course, there’s no hiding the fact that I’m not exactly the most experienced person in this area. But even though I may not be the best judge here, I know professional service when I see one. The prices aren’t very low but it’s more than worth the money.

Beware UK2 net’s auto renewal system for domains

Hi, Just alerting people so they don’t get caught out by their underhand auto renewals practice. Our company brought a number of domains for a mystery shopping project 2 years ago and did not cancel them – yes admit we should have done that at the time of the project’s completion! However, 2 years down the line we have been charged again for domains we no longer require and the money will not be refunded under their renewals policy due to a clause hidden away in the terms and condition when you take out a domain. I mean who remembers or has the time to check this 2 years later!! No e-mail was sent in advance to say they would be taking the money and giving us the chance to cancel. It is unacceptable in today’s world not to give customers a fair chance to cancel a contract and the way they have handled the situation has left a poor impression and we will certainly not be using their service again!


I have been a long standing customer of uk2net over many years. There have always been occasional problems with email, when without any warning or explanation email simply doesn’t work for a day or two, which is very frustrating. More recently my email was down for 7 days due to “nameservers not pointing correctly”. How could this happen? Also I tried to use an add-on domain and had terrible problems keeping it working – every 2 months or so it would fail, and technical support could not say that this problem would not continue to happen. The control panel is very difficult to use and support is very poor, with delays and problems because of poor interaction between departments. The automatic billing system is very annoying, it is switched on by default and you have to switch it off. Trying to get money back because of technical problems is so frustrating I would not recommend it. Then there are various login problems and delays getting into the control panel which have been present for years which they have no plans to correct. Overall I could not possibly recommend uk2net and I have finally resolved to make the effort to move away from them completely. I feel much better having made this decision.

UK2: My Regrets…

I have been a UK2 customer for 24 hours and I just about regret every one of them. This is the poorest host I’ve ever used, they seemed cheap to start but actually they are costing me dearly. I am most angered that things that other web hosts offer as standard such as DNS management is a £20 extra, along with file backups (£1 per month extra and no facility to manually back-up databases). Phone support is a free phone number when you have a sales enquiry but is actually a 50p per minute premium rate number for technical support. I wouldn’t have taken out this hosting if I’d known that. I am an experienced web designer who has deployed many websites, using many different web hosts across the internet and I found UK2 to have the most user unfriendly cPanel that I have ever used. Basic settings information is not clearly available and help information is patchy and often incorrect/out of date. I phoned Sales support 3 times before taking out the hosting to check that what I wanted to do would be possible (they said yes – three times!) but when I actually have the hosting it turns out they can’t do what I required. So their sales/support staff get a big thumbs down from me. A few hours after DNS propagation and my launching my website on their hosting the “www” version of it just disappeared for no reason. Its back now but I’m still waiting for an answer though the support ticket system…

Some words about my experience with UK2

I joined uk2 some time ago. Had one unpleasant surprise – they charge you extra for moving your domain away, and I wasn’t aware of it until I joined them. Anyway, I’m not planning to move anywhere just yet, and everything else is all right – redirecting works fine, without any delay. The whole thing doesn’t cost me a lot. I think I’d recommend their domain registering, because the service is worth the money.

the higher the price, the better the quality

I have been reselling with uk2 for almost three years. I got the most expensive hosting solution for $410USD. You know how it goes – the higher the price, the better the quality. And I’ve got no complaints, the service isn’t cheap, but it’s really good. The customer support is a little slow to respond but malfunctions are rare anyway, and no wonder, for the money I’m paying.

I used to have some problems with uk2 on rare occasions

I used to have some problems with uk2 on rare occasions. The overall quality is flawless though. The money I’m paying for the dedicated service solution is well spent. The connection speed is lightning fast and the tech support does its job properly and responds fast enough. I’ve also no qualms about availability – it’s not 100%, but I doubt that kind of uptime exists anyway.

Decent hosting provider

I can say from personal experience that UK2 is a decent hosting provider and an even better domain name registration company. In comparison to most of other companies, their registration of multiple domain names wins by far. The prices are well balanced by the quality of the services rendered. Not that they don’t have their faults, particularly with the ticket support system. But it has improved considerably over time.

Poor communication, even poorer support

We currently have 13 sites with UK2 but not for much longer. A decision by UK2 to remove catch all email forwarding on our main site without bothering to tell us of the change hurt us badly. The support ticket system is unwieldy and slow. Yes you can get through to a support technician on live support (eventually) but they seem unable to do anything beyond the absolute basics. We are now in the market for a new domain hosting partner. I wouldn’t recommend UK2 if you plan to run a business using their services.


UK2’s ticket customer support system is unnecessarily complex and not very efficient, if you ask me. I prefer using the live support option anyway. Of course, you still have to wait sometimes, but it’s hours against minutes, and the results are usually much better. I’m positive that other customers share my point of view. That would improve not only their work, but also their reputation.

I finally had a chance to see what all this web hosting stuff is about

Some time ago I finally had a chance to see what all this web hosting stuff is about – with some help from uk2. I registered a domain name with them. First impression – simplicity is not their strong suit. The control panel could me more user friendly, if you ask me, and the whole building and installing process… It’s all very complicated for my limited mind. Fortunately, they don’t disappoint in other things, like uptime, which is pretty decent, or connection speed, which is quite high. My website seems to be operating without any problem, and the freedom I get is impressive indeed.

Good service

I’m the last person to listen to big promises and generous propositions from different companies, large and small. After all, we all know what they’re after. Money. Commerce is all about money, and it’s not going to change any time soon. On the other hand, some companies make an effort to turn in into a mutually beneficial thing. UK2 guys know how to do that. I can see what I’m paying for, and I know it’s worth the money.

Dedicated server

I’ve been with UK2 for a couple of months. Dedicated server, best possible configuration. The price bites a bit, of course, but we’re not rich enough to afford cheap things. After all, it’s worth the money. The server’s running smoothly and there’s no unpleasant surprises on the horizon. All the required conditions for a growing online business. I can see why they call this hosting plan dedicated.

hosting a site is an interesting activity

Web hosting is my hobby, and a large part of it belongs to UK2, my first and current provider. They sure know how to attract customers, starting with their easy and helpful domain name generator. One minute you’re playing with, and next thing you know – you’ve got yourself a website. Just like children. Anyway, hosting a site is an interesting activity, which can work for anyone, since it’s only up to you what it’s gonna be about. You should try it some time.

The Worst EVER

UK2 is the most unprofessional hosting provider on the entire globe. Not only getting a reply via their SupremeSupport service (which guarantee very fast replies) is a bloody task, but their knowledge of servers seems absolutely 0!!!! UK2 SHAME ON YOU!!!!

do not buy from uk2

do not buy shared hosting from uk2. i used a reseller account. and their uptime levels nearly destroyed my business. the websites i build look and work great. the servers i put them on at uk2 go down and snarl to a halt on a daily basis. worst of all is, they are far from the cheapest service. and everything they do will cost you 15 quid to change this or to change that.

proud website owner

Well, it finally happened, ladies and gentlemen. I joined the ranks of proud website owners, all UK2 branded. As far as I can tell, these guys do know the ropes, ‘cause if they didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to make head from tail in the site building process. Leave the techy stuff to the techies, I say. That’s what they’re here for.

A lot of opportunities

What I value my little website for, it provides endless opportunities for socializing. There’s no better way to find new friends who share your interests, especially with a reliable hosting provider like UK2, so that you don’t have to be dependent on someone else’s websites managing.

Awful company – UK2 should be ashamed of themselves.

I have a web design business and have been using UK2’s reseller service for several months, and I really cannot say one good thing about them. The server has a huge amount of downtime – approx 3-4 hours every week. I am never notified of this from UK2, as they view it as normal service. I’ve never received even a hint of an apology, let alone a plan of action for fixing it. But that is not the best of it… After this week’s downtime (approx 48 hours ago, for 2 hours), I found they have deleted a bunch of my databases, domains, and website files. They are doing nothing to rectify the situation, and have a couldn’t care less approach to my helpdesk requests. I have so far lost 3 clients as a result of this, and more are due to follow – in short, they are destroying my business, brand and good reputation. I emplore you, if you value your website data, DO NOT USE UK2.NET! They don’t know what they are doing, and couldn’t care less about their customers. Please spread the word – people need to know.

Gratitute to UK2

I’ve been with UK2 for almost a year now. Didn’t know much about Internet stuff back then, let alone about web hosting, domains and all that. But the tech support guys were patient enough to answer all my not so bright questions again and again. For that I’m really grateful. BEWARE

I wish I had seen all the complaints on the internet before I registered my domain name with these people ! the service is nothing short of abysmal. The attitude rude ans sarcastic. The system is designed to rip people and business off. Be prepared to lose your domain name to another, their purpose is to con people. there are many decent doamain name registrars around THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM


I’ve had several web sites at UK2 for several years and will be moving soon. Their customer support is dire. They often don’t respond to tickets, they never respond to mail and often have no idea how to help anyway. UK2 have lost data, logs and there’s been quite a lot of down time in the past 24 months. They never apologised for any of this and it’s quite galling to see them sell themselves as family friendly with great customer support. Quite the opposite!

UK2 – Stay Clear

UK2 have caused me nothing but pain and downtime. I have recently moved away, which turned out to be an expensive process of £15 per domain, in addition after the move away request before completion they took my emails and website offline!


This company is the worst i have ever dealt with. Just google for the vast number of complaints. They will use any way to catch you out for money and will ruin your site if you cross them. for £6.99 I bought my domain name. It was due for renewal, but I had moved to Spain and changed my bank. I forgot. to cut a long frustrating story swhort after about 30 emails, mostly conflicting. They decided to stop my site and said I had to pay £50.00 to get it back online. Knowing from the information on the web they will deliberately keep me waiting for months or even sell on my name. i refuse to pay the £50 blackmail money of waste £12.99 to have my name changed to another provider. Beware never sign up with them, and if you are with them MOVE

UK2.NET – Absolutely dreadful

A short review but a lot of experience with UK2.NET; we’ve been with them for about 7 years. During this time they’ve proven to have possibly the worst customer/technical support of any company I’ve ever dealt with. There are numerous instances of appalling service, too often to mention here, but just trust me when I advise you to go elsewhere. They might, on the face of it, look cheap, but if you add up all the extras that many provide for free there really isn’t much to gain here. After me saying all this you’re probably wondering why we’re still here after 7 years: well, our older sites were all developed using proprietary scripts from UK2.NET which made it difficult to change. After their last cock up resulting in being down for 3 weeks, we’ve paid the development and done what we should have years ago! Incidentally, we also host sites with Bluehost in the States – maybe it’s an American thing, but we had a problem recently on a Sunday – we we’re chatting with a support analyst (one that knew his stuff – unlike UK2.NET) within 2 minutes – at 2:30am their time! How good is that! Cheers

Don’t even go there

These people have no customer service skills. They will not understand the most basic of questions and will fob you off to someone else whilst constantly calling you customer. I have a name and appreciate some human recognition. I signed up to them 1 1/2 weeks ago and still cannot acces my domain name or account. I am now trying to cancel it and am spending a huge amount of time trying to get my details and domain name back. terrible terrible – and no, I am not a competitor.

Great improvements

I have been a customer of UK2’s for about a year and half and I must say that I impressed at how things have improved. They were having some issues with their email last year. But since migrating to their new system, things have been flawless. Well done UK2. The new server specs they have are awesome and I have upgraded to their new UK400 server. Lovely machine. They have also recently taken on new support people and things have improved so much. Keep up the good work UK2.

Avoid uk2

I’ve been trying to sort out my business hosting with UK2 -its been a bit of a disaster all the way through to say the least. the only part that has worked properly seemed to be taking payments. (Actually no it didn’t -it did take my payment but there was no on screen confirmation as progress bar stopped halfway through.) They entice you with what appears to be a really good offer (I paid for 2 years) but then it all seems to go wrong. Their support line is mon-friday and their technical support is 50p per min if they actually pick up the phone. Ticket system is flakey and unless you get on the phone to the sales team basically nothing gets sorted. Hate to criticize but really disappointed guys!

Does actually have a customer service function?

1) I have been raising tickets for over a month, trying to get a response that makes sense that I can work with. To no avail. 2) I give up with that and I click on the live support icon. I get a message saying that I am third in the queue. Every minute or so I get a message saying that my request is important to you. Really??? Why then do I wait for four minutes, get booted off and when I request live support again, I’m at the back of the queue 3) When I finally give up and call the technical support line (at 50 pence per minute) it takes you 1 minute and 48 seconds to answer the phone and then I get a message saying you’re having problems with your phone system and I should call back

Extremly Poor

I’ve used UK2 for a while now and they’re rubbish. Trying to move away – and they make it so difficult and expensive that’s it’s really hard to leave. They’ve charged me £15 per domain to move – that’s 6 domain – £90 please!

What’s going wrong at UK2?

There was a time when I would have praised UK2. Now they are hopeless. They will not respond to support tickets at all. Even their sales line doesn’t answer. Avoid at all costs…

Genuine uk2 Web Hosting review very poor.

I have been a uk2 web hosting customer since August 2009 and although things seemed to be ok to start with many problems arose since. When updating my website I noticed that the website would go down for say 5 minutes on rare occasions but didn’t think anything of it. Now having more experience and being told from other website owners, the reason is because uk2 have outages meaning that my website goes down, I began to realise that it went down everyday for at least 2 – 5 minutes, most of the time I did not know. Just recently my email stopped working and although I reported it to the customer service staff, they were hopeless, the response was go into your control panel and setup email forwarding. (it was working fine until they decided to upgrade there system, or so they say) It took 3 weeks before it was sorted, I have requested call backs from the support department various times after purchasing the moreuk2 package, this is surposed to give me free call backs, but they don’t call back. And finally my website is down today 21st November 2009 at 10.40am and it did not come back up until 12.07pm! losing me customers and also i am unable up update my website. I also looked at the guarantees give regarding uptime guarantee, look under important information then service level agreement, you will see if they don’t achieve there targets you get very little and the compensation is in the form of a service credit, well when the service isn’t there to begin with who would want it? I recommened hosting your website with a company that guarantee 99.9% uptime guarantee, that way you are less likely to be taken for a ride. Good luck

Cannot knock them

The dedicated server I have at UK2 is fantastic, their support team for the dedicated stuff is equally as good. Response times are to be frank seemingly impossible, they answer within minutes whenever a query is raised. That being said, their shared hosting is not very clever, they clearly have different support teams, and I have waited days for a response on occasion. Needless to say, I moved the sites off the shared service and on to our dedicated server. UK2 – Cant knock em 😉

Poor Support Poor Set Up

I am very disappointed with services, particularly their support team. To put it in short, there seem to be getting there DNS setting completely wrong. The only reason I have been trying to get intouch with there support team is to sort you DNS setting. First it was concerning the domain that took about 3 days to resolve. Then now it’s the email system which I am in the 5th day of sending message back and forth with them. I have had to instruct them to test and see that their solutions work because the 3 times there have replied and said everything is resolved, nothing had been done. I think there is to much pressure on the support guys to as most of these DNS things are automated on most hosting services. The only reason I signed up with is because there support team is based here in London, but to be honest, I have had a far much better service from US companies for a far better price. It didn’t matter at the time, but the Cpanel layout is the worst I have ever used as well, no that I think about it. I am trying to move from fasthost because there support team is based in foreign countries (not really helping our economy) but from the service I got from, I have just figured out my priorities. It service first no matter which country the support team is based.

UK2 Servers

I have had a server with UK2 for the past 6 months. I have great network speed and not had an outage to date. I would certainly recommend their services.


Moved from to be patriotic. My domain have a really easy user program to assist inexperienced build their own site . i paid for hosting and a similar package (i thought) to mydomains. i cant even find the program on the site now. still have no website. Avoid unless you want to throw money dsown the drain


I have found the support team to be very efficient and helpful. I am new to web hosting and they have helped me sort out all issues and got me up an running very quickly. There help is free is you use their “Submit Ticket”” feature.”

Poor quality

Personal experience over the last two months on a shared host is at least two reboots and a missing httpd causing my site to be unavailable. Further, load averages have been enormous (30’s) though performance generally is good but occasionally its terrible. UK2.Net provide a reasonable quality service for testing. The availability is not production quality as can be seen by the comments of others on the net. Dedicated Server Review

Ive been on a dedicated server for 3 months now and its a like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous hosting (webfusion VPS). My first support query after 60 days uptime was answered in 3 mins and resolved in 5 mins – very impressive (replace mins with days for webfusion response times). for me – cheap, fast, reliable, good support. No complaints whatsoever so far and the server setup was nice and clean – none of the waffle and garbage as default with some hosting.

Great Value for Money!

If you need a good reliable web host then I’m going to have to recommend these guys! I’ve been with for nearly 3 years now with my ecommerce website and have been extremely pleased with the service they offer. I’ve never had any problems with my website being down. Prices are good, the servers are fast and I’ve never had any real problems with them.

Appalling Support

I have been with UK2 for some years using a free redirection to my broadband space for a local sports club. Good uptime, no problems and never had to use the support function. With the success of the site I moved to hosted arrangement and developed a second site which I hosted from the same space. I have had nothing but problems. One of my sites has been down for the best part of a month. They have some fundamental issues with the DNS servers, but of more concern is the way that my problems have been dealt with. Raising a ticket tends to bring a fast ‘its not us’ response. If you then reply via the ticket the chances of hearing anything at all seem slim. It is necessary to raise another new one and of course have to explain the problem over again, followed by ‘its not us’…… I was originally recommended UK2 as a low-cost reliable host. I agreed for some time, but now I would never recommend them to anyone. Maybe I have been an unlucky isolated case.

Only good things to say!

I signed up with at the beginning of this year, and have been pleasantly surprised! A friend of mine recommended that I say away from them, due to some bad reviews he has read about them however I think even he is won over 🙂 I am on’s budget package and I have never noticed any downtime, servers seem to be fast as well. If you are after something cheap and reliable, then gets the thumbs up from me… lol.

Come into the web said the spider to the fly

These guys are invisable. Just hope everything works OK otherwise you have little chance. They will entice you with cheap services, but the aftersales is awful. Give the ticketing system a try! Ask them something, sit back and grow old. The scary thing is if your website is critical to your business – there’s no one there (even though you can mark your ’email only’ enquiry as URGENT) to help. Many issues cannot be resolved by the user so you’re really stuck if you rely on their so called support. Be warned.

Got it in the end!

Their 99p server deal took it’s toll on UK2 this month. After taking an unprecedented amount of orders, and, sods law, having a supplier issue right in the middle of it, they finally came through. Ditlev, the MD of, has had his work cut out, having taken over a company and getting it out of the reputation but it was in, and he’s doing good. Still a few issues that I have found with Customer Service, and others agree.. ALTHOUGH, Ditlev customer service has been outstanding. He offered everyone his personal email address, and MSN, and I have spoken to him on quite a few occasions. Top marks! Got there in the end! In short.: Great Server. Fast Network.