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A selection of some of the best web hosting plans from the site. Hostfind helps you to research the best web hosting solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for just web hosting for your blog or website, email hosting, a VPS or Dedicated Server you’ll be able to find a plan to suit your needs.

(0) Beginner

  • 10GB
    Web Space

    Beginner Web Space's Beginner provides you with 10GB web space.
  • 100GB

    Monthly Bandwidth

    With's Beginner package you will receive upto 100GB of monthly bandwidth.
Per Month

NetHosted Ltd Web basic

  • 1GB
    Web Space

    Web basic Web Space

    NetHosted Ltd's Web basic provides you with 1GB web space.
  • 10GB

    Monthly Bandwidth

    With NetHosted Ltd's Web basic package you will receive upto 10GB of monthly bandwidth.
Per Month

CertaHosting Certa Lite

  • Unlimited
    Web Space

    Certa Lite Web Space

    CertaHosting's Certa Lite provides you with Unlimited web space.
  • Unlimited

    Monthly Bandwidth

    With CertaHosting's Certa Lite package you will receive Unlimited monthly bandwidth.
Per Month

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A selection of frequently asked questions to help our users.

HostFind is a web hosting review site with a difference, firstly we only list the genuine top 10 UK web hosting reviews, all written by our users so there are none of these fake ‘best rated’ or ‘top ten lists’. Secondly, we also will only list companies that cater for the UK web hosting market. When we were looking for a UK based web hosting company we found that there was a distinct lack of reviews for UK based web hosting companies, therefore we created HostFind to allow others to share their experiences and opinions. Our aim is to help our users find the best web hosting service.

While, the internet is a global environment. There are several benefits in hosting your website with a UK based web hosting company. However, there are still a few reasons why a local host is a better option than an international one: Local Customer Service and Support – A international web host may be offering cheaper prices, but what happens when a problem arises? Many USA based web hosting companies only offer free-phone support for customer’s based in the USA. Overseas customers will have to call a separate number (which tends to be a regular international rate). Even a short international phone call can soon add up! Same Currency – Currency rates are fluctuating all the time. You will undoubtedly be paying a different price each month – depending on the exchange rate. Another important note, credit card companies never give you the same rate as you may see on some currency conversion sites. You usually get around 10% less than what you see on these sites. Quicker Page Loading Times – No matter what you may hear from many web hosting companies, pages loaded from a UK based server will load quicker than a server based in say Dallas, Texas. If you are aiming you site to a UK market, your visitors will thank you for the faster page load times! If your website is e-commerce driven, that could mean the difference between making that sale or your leaving and going to a competitor’s website. Search Engine Visibility – Like most websites, the majority of your website visitors will come from search engines. Hosting your website with a UK based provider will, also allow your website will show up in the “UK Only” results along with the international results. Generally as there are less results for “UK Only” your site has a higher chance of being listed closer to the top. This will increase your chances of gaining that “potential” new customer. Your website says a lot about you and your company, a poor or slow loading can loose you that potential new customer.

We like to do things a little differently around here so we don’t create fake ‘best hosts’ or top 10 hosting companies lists. Instead we prefer to list companies based on genuine user reviews. While most web hosting review sites will list companies based on the review score we believe this is by no means 100% accurate way of showing the best web hosting. For example a company with one positive review can outrank a company with ten positive and only a few negative. We felt this was not an accurate representation on a company’s service so at Hostfind we take into account the number of positive reviews as well the overall review score. This we believe gives you the best representation of a web host’s service.

At HostFind we have a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure that the reviews that we publish are as accurate as possible. This ensures that we do our best to only list genuine web hosting reviews. As with any system, there will always be companies that are looking to try and cheat the system. Along with customers that feel they have been wronged or have been cheated by a company. Anyone out there who has had to work in customer service or has had direct involvement with customers, will know that there are just some people that you just cannot please, whatever you may do. Its important, to remember that there are always two sides to every story. So one bad review in a mix of good reviews is never anything to worry about. Also customers can be quick to leave a bad review when things don’t go wrong but not so quick when exceptional service has been offered. So we always recommend you read the reviews listed within our site with a objective view.

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