Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud Web Hosting uses the resources of several ‘Cloud’ servers. Meaning that your website uses the virtual resources of several servers, allowing them to act as one machine. Cloud Hosting is essentially a cluster of the servers acting as one.  With each server taking care of a set of functions. Allowing the load to be balanced, making it reliable and scalable using the hardware resources available. This can be ideal for businesses that may experience surges in traffic at various times. Allowing you to use resources as and when you need.

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting?

Reliability: Due to the nature of cloud hosting it tends to be more reliable than a standalone server. As the data is ‘mirrored’ across several machines. If a server was to become ‘overloaded’ with requests of experienced a hardware failure then a failover process would begin to seamlessly switch to another server.

Flexibility: The inherent nature of Cloud hosting allows for it is scalable on demand.  Allowing for you to increase resources, deploy applications and grow as you grow.

Security Compared to shared hosting. With cloud hosting your file system is not accessible or viewable by any other users.