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Let HostFind help you search for your next web hosting provider with out handy set of web hosting comparison tools.

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Compare UK web hosting plans the way you choose! At Host Ratings we provide you with the tools to help you find the best web hosting deal. Whether you are looking for starter hosting to get your website online or a more advanced solution we have got it covered. Providing you with the information to help you to get your website online.

Finding a UK web hosting provider couldn’t be simpler, select the type of web hosting you are looking for and you our handy filters to narrow down your search.

Our plans are regularly checked to ensure they are accurate and up to date. You also get to read real user reviews to give you piece of mind that you are making the right choice.

Shared Web Servers

Shared Hosting

Compare shared Hosting, from the leading UK web hosting providers .

Compare UK Shared Hosting

VPS Server

VPS Hosting

Compare VPS hosting, filter by RAM, CPU cores and price.

Compare UK VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting Server

Dedicated Servers

Need more power! Our dedicated server comparison allows you find the right one for the job.

Compare UK Dedicated Servers

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Tips For Comparing Hosting Providers

When comparing hosting providers, it can be minefield of information and tricks to get you to sign up with a particular company.

One of the most important factors to remember is there are no best providers. If there was everyone would be using that company, right? Many so called comparison sites claim to have compared hundreds of hosting providers to bring you the very best. They haven’t, its all based on lies. The companies on their lists may be very good. But they also have very big marketing budgets which influence who is the top of the lists.

So how can you find the best hosting provider?

Tip 1. Be prepared to do some research:

We’re not taking about spending hours in front of the screen researching and comparing. Its about drawing up a short list of providers and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Its important to remember though there are no best web hosting, top 10 or anything similar. If you want an easy quick fix to finding a provider and don’t want to put in the time and effort. I’ve personally used the following UK web hosts : Dataflame, Heart Internet and Krystal (our current provider) and would recommend any one of them.

Tip 2. Know your requirements:

  1.  If your site is new. A small business website or blog site. Keep it simple a shared hosting provider will be suitable for most. You can always upgrade later if your site grows too large and most providers will help you move too.
  2. If you are planning on running particular software make sure it is suitable for the plan that you are choosing. A good example for this is many ecommerce sites run on Magento, generally this is not suited for a shared host. You will need to look at a dedicated or VPS server.  Read our guide Magento on a Shared Provider.
  3. Do you need a certain amount of web space or bandwidth?
  4. How much support will you require.

Tip 3. Read Customer Reviews

Your peers are always going to be the best judges of what makes a good provider. Its the reason for creating this site in the first place. We we’re struggling to find the best hosting, for our sites and projects. So created this as a directory of UK hosting providers & reviews.

  1. Create a short list of providers you want to choose and read reviews on each provider.

Using these basic tips should get you well on your way to finding that perfect web hosting provider for you.

Not all comparison sites are the same!

Its important to remember that not when you are comparing web hosting, not all comparison sites are the same! Unlike others we don’t recommend ‘Best’ or ‘Top 10’ hosting companies. Instead we provide you with the information to make an informed choice. The fact is there is no perfect web hosting, there are lots of very good providers along with some bad ones. Everyone’s experience can be different as well as everyone’s expectations.