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WebFusion offers a range of shared, VPS or dedicated hosting solutions. Operating from locations across the UK, including data centres in London, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham. Webfusion’s plans are backed up with 24×7 technical support giving you technical support day or night, by phone or email.

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Stay away from Web Fusion, it is almost impossible to cancel services that you don’t want renewed. I suggest you call the sales freephone number and ask to be transfeered. I did that and it took 50misn to get the email service cancelled. There is no option in their control panel to cancel any service and their terms and conditions tell you that you have to call them if you wish to cancel. Goodbye Webfusion

Stay away from Webfusion. Seriously!

If you really care about your website, whatever is a shared or not, just stay away from this service. They charge A LOT, they are super slow, their tech (?) support (??) service (???) is the most ridiculous one I ever met in 15 years of websites business. I have to deal with them because one of my clients already signed with them, but really save your time/money/nerves and stay away as much as possible from them. Go with some big US provider and you’ll get MUCH FASTER speed in UK and Europe as well, ready support, cutting edge technologies, and with less than half of the price of Webfusion. Stay away from them…seriously do it!


have been with webfusion for many years but due to recent events and experiences ready to move on. key issues include: poor customer service – lack of understanding of needs, incomplete responses, excessive time to resolve issues; slow website due to their technical issues with no indication when it will be resolved; new features not available after upgrade; control panel not working properly

Webfusion August Review

I signed up for a Business VPS package. You can at no point during signup process access the TOS but you are expected to agree to them. This should have sounded BIG alarm bells to me but I gave the benefit of the doubt. Setup and installation was almost instant I must give credit for that. But having said that – that’s the only thing that was good. Poor support, lack of features, speed and response of the server was slow. Luckily I was well within my 7 days right to cancel and I got out with immediate effect. Full refund given. If I realised in 4 days it sh!t then everyone else beware!!

Pathetic Support

we have a dedicated server with the Webfusion. It’s been down from 12 hours. we try to phone their support team from last 4 hours morning 4 AM – 8 AM but no one is there to answer the call. we are losing out on the business.

Webfusion is excruciatingly slow

Webfusion limits individual downloads to 3mbps. (315KB/sec) I can run five simultaneous downloads at 3mbps for a combined 15mbps, but I cannot expect visitors of my site to use download accelerators. I use my Webfusion to host photos and short videos I’ve shot with a pocket camera on various online forums. This host cannot serve up high resolution photos, animated GIFs, or even SD video due to this cap. I asked Webfusion to allow me to upgrade my account and they said that wouldn’t be possible. Nowhere on their site do they mention the incredibly caps they place on individual connections. Also, their hosting has terrible latency for US customers since Webfusion’s data center is located in Europe. After submitting my request to cancel my hosting subscription, Webfusion took over a week to respond. And when they canceled my subscription, they immediately charged my account for the next month telling me they automatically charge for the next thirty days of service at cancelation. I lack the vocabulary to express my distaste for Webfusion.

Site offline or slow loading

My site has been down 3 times with webfusion in the past few months for no fault of my own. I paid my account but accounts did not communicate with tech support and I was offline again. Tonight I notice that none of the images are loading. I’ve been online now for 15 years so I’m no newbie. What a shame that xcalibre went. I’m trying to register with godaddy to move my site asap

do believe everything you read

Yesterday i signed up with webfusion – developer hosting, and then decided to read review and too my horror saw the bad reviews everywhere, and wished i hadn’t signed up. I trawled their T&C’s and spotted a 7 day cancellation clause that then says by clicking order you get rid of your right to cancel. I waited till everything was setup and firstly their web based admin is very clear and easy to use and understand. I’m based in the channel islands where we pay no vat, so phoned to see if they could take off vat and refund, expecting a no, and to my suprise a very helpfull person answered and sorted it immediatly. i had a tech support question also which was answered within about 10 mins, then our tekkie found the hosting package could not do what we needed it to do regards scripting, which i’m told is fair enough, so though i would try and cancel – expecting a fight on my hands from the info on here – phone, spoke to someone who cancelled it, and refunded money as it was on a 30day money back guarantee.. all very easy and painless. So whilst only a customer for 24 hours, they seemed very professional and no sign of problems mentioned in reviews, so i would certainly look to use them again.

Absolutely unprofessional

It’s absolutely a mere business no competence in the service offered. Keep in mind they have a rolling over contract with unclear and hidden terms and conditions, the cancellation process is Absolutely Appalling!!!!! and it doesn’t have anything to do with the what excalibre was offering. TIP: look for something better, it’s easy to find it

Absolutely Appalling!!!!!

We decided to buy a VPS to host our support system seperate from our dedicated servers so that if our main servers go down, our customers can still access the support site. VPS randomly drops off line with no explanation from non-existant support team! Heaven forbid anyone using them for e-commerce! I am writing as our VPS is now down for the 4th time this month!!!

WebFusion migration farce

Like previous reviewers – when things are going OK WF is Ok but then they should be. However, when things go wrong they are simply awful. We have been subjected to their migration to the Exchange 2007 platform and it has been (and continues to be) a text book case in how not to do it. We have never been informed when indvidual services are to be transfered and then have had to fight tooth and nail to actually get anything running. At the moment we are without our Sharepoint service which was ‘migrated’ last week, which of course they didn’t tell us. After much toing and froing we finally have got the site up but with no migrated data! Great stuff Webfusion. When I finally get access to our data we are leaving them for good.

Cancellation problems – do it now, don’t wait

As previously stated, Webfusion are OK when there are no problems. Today I received a demand for the renewal of an account/URL that has lain dormant and unused for three years. I called Webfusion and was advised that I must pay – and pay a collection agency fee. Webfusion require a 30+ ‘day before invoice’ notification of intent to cancel. To be fair, they can now accept cancellation by phone unlike in the past where written cancellation in hard copy was required. The invoice for the service was dated 16th of the month for a renewal date of the 23rd of the month. Call me cynical, but this looks like a trick to prevent clients from cancelling outside the 30 day limit. I then checked back through my records to discover I had called a year ago to cancel and was advised to mark my calendar and to call back 30+ days before renewal – a year in advance. It was a comment like “…..well if you’re paying for the whole year’s use of the service why not keep it in case you want to use it?” Although I had called to cancel a year ago, this deferal has cost me another year’s fees. Needless to say it is all my fault because I did not call them 30+ days before the invoice was due. Again, this looks like another trick to entrap and collect another year’s payment for nothing. The people on the helpdesk appeared helpful but were totally inflexible and uncompromising. We hold a number of accounts with Webfusion and all are to be moved elsewhere. My advice would be: 1. Keep pedantic notes of cancellation times 2. do not let Webfusion have your CC details 3. never defer cancellation Perhaps this is applicable to all ISPs but it does look like sharp practice and leaves a very bitter taste.

Webfusion is appalling

DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! I was with xcalibre, who were bought by webfusion. I have had nothing but problems with Webfusions appalling customer service. -unable to solve simple control panel questions -messed up simple website migration issues -duplicate invoices for same purchase, when I paid twice they cant find this in and I cant get my overpayment refunded. The webfusion accounts staff were not able to solve this issue, even through they now own xcalibre and it is impossible to speak to anyone higher up in Webfusion, their managers are not “customer facing” as they put it. I am transferring all my hosting and domains elsewhere. I would not trust this company with my business.

Cancelling account nightmares with 123-Reg

I have a number of websites hosted by 123-Reg – they were originally hosted by Supanames but they were bought over by 123-Reg/Webfusion. Supanames were great to deal with and I never had any problems with them but since the accounts have moved to 123-Reg their customer support has been awful. I recently wanted a hosting account to lapse so, in advance, I contacted their online support who advised I speak to their cancellations team, which I did, and was assured by them that the account had been cancelled. Today I got a confirmation email from them saying payment for another year has been successfully charged! What??? At least when the hosting was provided by Supanames the onus was on the customer when renewal was due. If you didn’t log in to your control panel and make the payment the hosting account would lapse but because of the “automatic payment” system employed by 123-Reg, you have a devil of a job if you do not want to renew. I am seriously considering moving all my other websites away from 123-Reg to another provider but can see problems with that due to 123-Reg’s inefficiencies.

Total rip off artists!

They’re rip off artists. They charged me for three years when i believed the service had been terminated in the first year. They never sent me an invoice the second year and even the third. I only received an invoice because my old card expired. Then without any postal correspondence and not dealing with me via the website/email, They then referred me to a debt collection agency. I had no idea the account was open till i got the expired card email and about a month of trying to deal with it i got the calls from the debt collection agency. I paid the debt collection agency to get them off my back. Telling them i wanted the account re instated for the year, as i had paid for it. I would also be disputing the claim with web fusion. I have yet to hear from web fusion and will be contacting a solicitor if they don’t sort this out soon. DO NOT USE THESE IDIOTS! They’ll rip you off!

Just try cancelling your account!!!!!!!

My problems started when trying to cancel an account I no longer needed last year. The account was for a ladies football team I sponsored through setting up a site. Last year I conceded that I’d left it too late to cancel (committees!) and so paid for an extra year as a gesture of goodwill and let them know that the account was to be cancelled in any case, even though I’d paid. This year they tried to charge my old credit card for yet another year’s hosting. I remember there being no way to cancel the hosting via their web admin. On contacting their phone support, they refused to reset the web admin password so that I could access the web admin and change any of the account/payment details. You can’t change the account holder details in there either. When I contacted them to ask why, as I’d cancelled it last year, they refused to cancel as even though I passed all of the “security” questions, I couldn’t verify that I was the account holder!!!!! Now I’m being threatened with a debt collection agency. Totally inept!

Poor customer support

I had 2 hosting accounts with webfusion for a couple of years which I no longer required. Cancelled both by fax in November 2009 (renewal due in Jan 2010). Had an email confirmation saying they received them. No further communication until I got a demand from a collection agency in March 2010 for an overdue account. Spoke to them on phone, operator said she could see the two faxes and that it was an error on their part, and that said account would be marked as closed. 2 weeks later they tried to take money from a now expired credit card for the same account. Spoke to them again on phone, and was told previous operator hadn’t added any notes to account but that the account would be closed at the end of the business day. Since then I’ve had another 2 attempts at trying to take money again. Not happy at all. Overall, hosting was reliable, but was very poor value for money. WIll definitely never use them again.

better than they look in reviews

customer service could be improved, but for the money, performance and stability they have been superb.

Olympic gold – freestyle incompetence.

Have used Webfusion for over 2 years. OK if nothing goes wrong. Recently moved to a VPS service with them. Explained to them that I wanted the old service to stay in plac for one month while I migrated. Then sent their stupid form to them (by fax?) and confirmed (by phone) with technical support that they would take the old account down. But no …. three months on and they are still taking money, only found out as the credit card had changed. Eventually managed to get someone that discussed the situation instead of reading the company bible to me. Asked for them to refund the three months overcharged, at this point was trasnsferred to someone else who’s first question was “I beleive that you want to cancel an account ?”. Not worth bothering to go through this again, the phone call ( from France ) was costing more then the overcharges. Am moving to another hosting service, their billing/sales department brings incompetence to an Olympic standard. There is no way to communicate with them, they do not answer emails.I can communicate with my labrador more easily.

VPS Woes

Our Web Fusion VPS went offline last week. At the time of writing (7 days later) it is still offline. We have used Web Fusion for the past couple of years and this was the first major problem we have encountered. My experience has shown up some major problems with the Web Fusion support. Firstly, the on line ticketing system is OK for simple problems that can rectified immediately. However, if they reply asking for mor information, your response goes to the bottom of the queue. Secondly, if you call the support number you have to deal with the person who picks up the call. This means that there is no continuity and you will end up explaining the problem over and over again. Thirdly, when things are taking too long to be resolved, there is absolutely no mechanism for escalating the problem into the management structure. Lastly, although the support is 24/7, don’t expect anything other than relatively simple queries to be handled outside normal office hours. I have had a very frustrating week with my most recent problem but I have tried to be objective. I would definitely not recommend this provider but I’m not sure that any of the low cost providers are much better. Finally, be aware that there is no SLA attached to their VPS configurations so if it fails there can be no claims for downtime.

Stay away

Purchased a VPS server late Decemeber to review their service, It’s easier to name the times the service has been up, for the past 3 weeks it has been offline more than 10 times normally lasting about a day or two. Their support staff were helpful to start with and explained they had a problem with the server hardware but eventually they have just stopped responding, must be effecting a lot of people as it seems they’ve just given up. As we speak it’s been offline for over 24 hours and there’s been no response to my support ticket or any system status updates on their website. I’m moving to another provider, glad I gave them a trial before I committed to a long term deal.

Unexsiting support service

I’m from spain and i purchased a VPS option with webfusion. First , i had to made a manual transction via phone as i was supposed to be a fraud pruchased. This cost me about 5 days and several calls. finally on december 24th i got it. the only inbound got from webfusionsince then was the credit card charge. Today, we are january 7th and i haven’t been able to get the login details filled up, the login to the webfusion support center and have had to spend a good amount of money calling them as it is the only way to catch coebody. Every call i got the promise everything will be sorted out, but never happens. As it happens sometimes, the most cheapest option turns to be the most expensive 100% unrecommendable from my point of view. I have just resigned working with them

Webfusion are OK

Thte problem with review sites liek this is that people with a complaint come to them to vent some of their spleen. We have used Webfusion for all our hosting for ten years. During that time we have had issues with accounts, we have had intermittent connectivity issues and we once had a shared server go down for a week and come back up with a four day old backup (i.e. 11 day timeslip). Why are we still with them? Basicly because I do not believe any other company is likely to be any better. There is genuine 24/7 support, and you usually get someone with a fair level of knowledge. Issues with accounts and billing have always been sorted out eventually – justg phone them up and speak to them, don’t shout and yell and you might get somewhere. One gripe is that when they bring out new improved services customers on teh old packages aren’t usually offered an easy upgrade path, but the corollory of that is that they ARE always improving the service. Their latest VPS packages look like superb value for money. So yes, it has been a rocky ride – but ten years down the line we are still with Webfusion and in all that time I think we have only ever lost one client because of performance issues. Webfusion are a lot better than this review site would lead you to believe. – Nick Bowles Webcraft UK Ltd


Awful experience. Was with Webfusion for 3 years; decided to leave as they were costly and .NET platform was very slow. Asked to move via an email, didn’t renew my payment as I’d changed credit card. Was bombarded with debt recovery agency threats, despite saying that I’d told them I wanted to leave. Terrible, terrible company – ruthless to the point that the woman on the phone I was speaking to almost admitted how ruthless they were in pursuing customers who wanted to leave. Steer well clear.


Whilst they’re service seems average they’re customer accounts are very difficult to deal with and understand. Note – watch the small print on renewal – if you don’t notify them on time they’ll sting you for another year’s charge – no discussion. Very poor. Not recommended.

WebFusion MySQL

Very poor technical support on MySQL databases. Kept closing support ticket ever other day stopping you replying. Had to phone, technician had to keep asking a colleague. Simple data import into MYSQL question took over two weeks and 6 phone calls to get a working reply. Steer well clear.

Webfusion Poor Customer Service

We host our Exchange with WebFusion. Some 15 items – disk space, accounts etc – are billed monthly on the same recurring payment. About 3 months ago I added some additional storage – £30 pm. The salesperson did not add this to our account. The result seems to be that it showed up as unpaid. Last week our entire service was suspended due to £90 ‘non-payment’ of this item, even though all the other items were up to date. The account department claimed ‘to have tried to contact you by phone, but nobody answered’ (we are a UK private limited company with a 24-hour operation), then pulled the plug the next day. When I pointed out that our Exchange had been downed for £96, the accounts person cheerfully told me that they would have ‘downed you for a fiver’. If WebFusion truly record their phone calls, I’d like them to check out that masterly piece of customer relations. In fairness, the company resumed our service within minutes of a credit card payment for the £96. But that’s hardly a recommendation. Avoid.

Billing team very poor

Generally the service from my VPS servers has been good, and technical support prompt and efficient. However – and this is a big problem – their billing team and account administration is woeful. Over the past year, they have turned off my server 6 times, always at 1130 at night and always for an erroneous billing reason. THEY HAVE MY CARD DETAILS! There is nothing wrong with the card! TAKE MY MONEY WEBFUSION PLEASE! More frustrating is that THEY DO NOT CONTACT ME BEFORE TURNING IT OFF! I HAVE TO REPEAT THE STORY TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO THINK THAT I AM TO BLAME. Dreadful customer service. Poor knowledge from the admin teams, no communication between them. I have been very patient so far but am now taking my business elsewhere.

Poor Service

Made big mistake. Took dedicated server with them. To give you some ideal. Two weeks and they have still not sorted out why PHP form mails are not working on server. Their own script will not work on it and we have no route access. No attempt at service. Do not use them. Regards Richard


Would not trust them to run a bath. Tried to cancel my webspace as I had closed down the website and there was no longer a domain name registered to the account. They did not respond to my e-mail but tried to charge my crdit card. Luckily the card had expired so they could not take any money. Rang them this morning to ask if they actually read their e-mails. Would have had more luck communicating with my 8 week old daughter as they claim I needed to fill in a form (that they had not let me have). Told them to shove their account where the sun don’t shine.

Webfusion dispute

yes i am another victim of webfusion. curently in dispute after cancling. their cancelation policy would be easier if i just had to send the queens left niple. dont do it the service is poor. i moved to discount hosting a great company and no problems site live within 3hrs.


Join up at your peril. Webfusion are without doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with. No customer service, not interested in any problems, a total waste of space and money.


Terrible. I purchased a VPS package from WebFusion about half a year ago. I read a lot of reviews, giving WebFusion a ton of negative feedback. I ignored them all, being as stubbon as I am – but I soon realised purchasing from WebFusion wasn’t a good idea. They took 2-3 weeks to respond to my Support e-mail, and when my VPS arrived, it arrived broken. The free Google Adwords voucher which was advertised with the VPS did not arrive – and they said I was not entitled to it, despite it being advertised with the VPS package. They took about a week setting up the VPS which is just stupid. Never ever again!


Utterly useless incompetent morons. There is no support at all. Banging your head against a brick wall would be a much more enjoyable experience.

Webfusion Problems

I had an unusual problem in that I could not connect my website/email/ftp from my two IP’s though it was seeable by everyone else. This was not a problem with my LAN and was a provable problem (according to some fairly high up boffins at Demon, my ISP) to an issue with a pipex router. The support from webfusion was beyond useless and inept. I have not been able to view/send or receive emails or ftp for 18 DAYS. There only answer was to use a proxy server. Don’t go there

Webfusion Woes

One of the worst shared hosting services I’ve come across. Their service is so devoid of the standard features found on most other shared hosting services, I find it difficult to understand how they are still in business. Their monthly charges are expensive for a package that does not include very much. Their online support is not helpful and seems to be lacking in technical skills. Their response times are usually in excess of 12 hours. Unacceptable in my opinion. My suggestion would be to shop around. For half the money they charge you WILL find another hosting solution that offers you a lot more for your money.

Totally Disgraceful in All Respects – Steer Clear

This company is quite definitely worst supplier I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. It’ll take them days, possibly weeks to set up your server/account (one of my setups took almost 17 days). If you change or upgrade plans, they’ll usually find some way of charging you double for (at least) a month. I’m not certain whether it’s incompetence or intent which causes this but it’s horrific. Their so-called 24/7 support team is nothing more than an unskilled, untrained reception desk/message taking service who will (a) never get back to you; or (b) not care what your problem is; or (c) tell you your problem is not supported by them i.e. it really IS your problem; or (d) say they’ve got to send an email off to their data centre. By the way, they will never hear back from the data centre. Oh, one other thing about the data centre – it’s in Germany. And, it seems, there’s nothing they can do here to actually get in touch with the German data centre that will yield a response. They will never respond to an email or ticket within a time within which it would actually be useful. However, you might get a response about 2 weeks later. Thanks very much for that. You’ll have to wait on hold for about 30 minutes almost every time you call. When you do get through, the assitant will be just about as helpful as a kick in the teeth. In fact, I’d rather have a kick in the teeth than have anything more to do with this company. At least the pain would be over sooner. Right now, my servers been down for 47 hours. Yes – over two and half DAYS. That means NO WEBSITES for my clients, NO EMAIL and NO WEBSITE for ME OR MY CLIENTS and one hell of a lot of stress for me. Hence I am up at 3:30AM putting together a new server with a different hosting company. God only hopes these people are an actual hosting company rather than a pantomime outfit. Webfusion: Stay well away. They’re absolutely atrocious.


If all is going well, then webfusuion is great as value for money is fine. When they go well, the service is very very very poor. 1. Example, server down, gaur 30min reboots not completed for 1.5hrs. 2. Informed on a Sunday 8 hrs before whole data centre being taken offline for power work. PLANNED power work known for months, so I have to inform 820 customers on a Sunday … 3. Support reauests unaswered for days.. ill stop there …

Webfusion Review

Having built our 36 year old business on service, we have been let down badly by Webfusion. We have been on their servers for one year, with very few problems. Before this we ran our own ISP service using NT4 and a lease line, but through Webfusion we were led to believe they could give our customers a quicker service at less cost. After almost one year, their service was off line for nearly three days, about two weeks ago, they admitted to it being a faulty DNS at 123-reg and then a hardware fault. Since then the service is off more time then on. After many phone calls and the lack of any return calls, we found our server, on their service, had been hacked by adding an IRC. Webfusion then decided that we had fitted an IRC programme and switched off our server, saying that we needed to start off a new one as we had broken our contract (we had not fitted an IRC). Within two days the new server also went down. Webfusion then had the front to say it is our responsibility to make sure their server is secure. We hadn’t added any software to the old server and always made sure it had all the Microsoft updates added. After pleading, they eventually put the old server back on. Now the funny thing is a scan of both the old server and new server revealed Trojans, even though we had not added any software to the new server except for XoftSpySe and they were not physically connected apart from the Webfusion network. Webfusion are now saying we require another new server. All the work over the last year is lost as their backup, in their own words, ‘Is unreliable’. This has now finished us off as a business, thanks to their no care attitude. We would not expect our customers to except this kind of service and as I am near retirement will now call it a day. USE WEBFUSION AT YOUR PERIL – THEY HAVE AN ABYSMAL SERVICE AND THEIR STAFF DO NOT CARE !!!!!


Ridiculously overpriced for what you are getting, the support team take weeks to get back to you and most of them don’t know their arse from their elbow. Time to find someone new methinks, not recommended!

Just look the other way and keep walking

I agree with the review I’ve just seen by John. WebFusion hosting (shared and VPS) has become progressively worse since being bought by Pipex and where as it has all the right ingredients to be good it just isn’t and I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. I have had increasing problems with the reliability of the service over the last 6-12 months. At one point I tried for several days in a row to contact tech support without an answer. To highlight how bad this was – I was letting the phone ring for 20-30 minutes at a time several times a day and not once did I get an answer!! Worse still when I did get through it was on the sales line where I was answered almost immediately and was told there was a recruitment drive on tech support and the sales team couldn’t help with technical issues. Initially I had shared hosting which eventually got so bad that after 3 days solid of downtime and after being casually told ‘it’s probably because you’re on one of the old servers’ I switched to VPS so I could at least manage the server myself. WebFusion operate a 30 day cancellation period and despite the fact that the continued unavailability of my site was forcing me to upgrade to VPS they initially refused to waive the cancellation period on the shared hosting on the grounds that I had no SLA! No I didn’t have an SLA but I still have a right to the service I’m paying for. After much arguing they finally relented. In summary, truth be told I have had problems with WebFusion from day 1 – though initially the problems were administrative/accounts (which is a whole story in itself). In terms of the hosting itself I would say I was happy enough with the service until Pipex happened. I don’t know if they got rid of key staff or have just left the hardware to rot or what but since they took over things have become progressively worse. All my sites and email have been unavailable now for about 12h due to ‘nameserver issues’ which is why I am here … looking for a new hosting company. Idealy one that will help me stay in business not put me out of business. The scores I’ve given are based on the last month or two. The 10 for features is really a reflection on how handy I find the Plesk interface rather than anything offered by WebFusion.

Poor Service

No customer service!! If you want anything be prepared to wait on the phone for a long time. Don’t bother sending them emails, they wont respond. Aviod at all costs!!! The worst provider I have ever encountered!!!

Webfusion – I wouldn’t – You’ve been warned

Thinking of Webfusion? Well, do so at at your own peril. One of my accounts have just been totally erased by them and they have no backup!! Customer support were totally unsympathetic too. Honestly, since Pipex have taken over things are just getting worse and worse. Do youself a favour – stay well clear.

Beware WebFusion

The technical support provided by this company is abysmal. I have been a customer of theirs for several years and it has got progressively worse. For the past month my email service and control panel have not been working for most of the time. They claimed to have fixed the problem with the server but the problem arose once more several hours later. They finally admitted in writing that they were tackling the problem but that still didn’t produce results. They call their hosting package ‘WQebFusion Pro’ but it should really be ‘WebFusion Amateur’. Every company that Pipex has bought up seems, very quickly, to become one highlighted by poor technical performance and even worse customer/technical support. If you want a reliable service, look elsewhere.

Non existant service

Customer care is POOR. Support is non existant. Once I reported my complaints to customer services, they immediatly charged the next months invoice to my Credit Card. My site has been down a week with no attempt from cutomer services or support to keep my business alive. Use them at you peril.. Beware of this very shoddy business.