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1&1 IONOS are a web hosting and cloud services provider that specialises in providing flexible and affordable web hosting and domain solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Globally 1&1 IONOS host more than 8 million people within 15 facilities in 9 countries around the globe.

With 30 years of experience since 1&1 IONOS’s foundation, they have grown to become the largest hosting company in Europe. With reliability and security engineered into the core of their products.
1&1 IONOS Services
If you’re looking for affordable feature-rich web hosting, 1&1 offer a wide range of services. Ranging from shared web hosting to VPS and dedicated servers. Something that you would expect to see from one of the world’s oldest web-hosting providers.

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Shared Hosting
Being the most affordable ways to get your site online, shared hosting is definitely the go to choice for many website owners.

1&1 IONOS shared hosting comes in the form of three options:


Their Business plan is the perfect option for single dynamic websites. Providing you with 100 GB Storage, 1 domain name and 1 SSL certificate.



Their Business plan is perfect option for single dynamic websites. Providing you with 100 GB Storage, 1 domain name and 1 SSL certificate.
The pro plan is perfect for more demanding websites. Providing you with you with 250 GB Storage, 2 domain names and 1 wildcard SSL certificate. Plus Sitelock malware protection.
Their Expert plan is ideal for memory intensive websites and online shops. Providing you with you with a massive 500 GB Storage, 3 domain names and 1 wildcard SSL certificate. Plus Sitelock malware protection & a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service in the plan

£1/month for 12 Months
£1/month for 12 Months
£1/month for 12 Months

£5/month thereafter
£5/month thereafter
£10/month thereafter

Wordpress Hosting
With Wordpress powering 32% of the internet, naturally 1&1 IONOS offer Wordpress optimised hosting as well.

If you opt for 1&1 IONOS’ Wordpress Hosting you can benefit for a hosting platform that has been optimised and fine-tuned specifically for Wordpress. Powered by NGINX with 2GB of RAM provides your website with a performance boost of up to 50%, meaning your pages load faster, and faster load times compared to a non Wordpress optimised service.

VPS Hosting

Plan Cores RAM Space Bandwidth Price
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DON’T TOUCH 1&1 !!!

All’s OK when things are ticking along but 1&1 have a very canny way of dealing with any serious issues… they ignore them. To begin with they don’t have any system for escalating complaints. Any issues which you email them are not responded to and we have also tried to write to their head office but they… guess what.. have ignored our letter and never responded. We have tried to change our company details by filling out and submitting the correct forms but the change has never been made. When you call you get through to somebody who starts from scratch in a US call centre. They assure that something will be done but when you hang up you can be sure you will be no further forward. 1&1’s customer handling of complaints and serious issues borders on dishonest. They are clearly going for the saturation business model, get as many people in as possible and if anything goes wrong we don’t need to react because there will be more people signing up. Your custom doesn’t count. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND STEER WELL CLEAR OF 1&1 INTERNET !!!

Former customer… never again!

I wrote a review about a year ago, which was generally positive. However, since then I’ve stopped using them and am using another hosting company (I won’t name them, but they are a green one) I had used 1&1 for about 9 years, with 7 domains. The uptime was good – from what I know, they had about 99.99% uptime, as advertised. I have had no real problems – their support (email, I don’t use their phone support) was good – they have always dealt with my queries efficiently, although sometimes they have needed more information about my query even though I thought I’d explained myself quite clearly! I also notice that often another person responds to the query, rather than the same person. My problem was with the package upgrades. I understand that when you join, you get a special deal on the price (generally 1 month free, or 3 months at reduced price) – that’s OK, I don’t expect to receive that again. However, they changed their packages, and the prices changed. I won’t use the actual prices, but the situation was basically that they were trying to get me to pay *more* for *less features* – and if I wanted to keep the same features in my package, I would have had to pay a **LOT** more. I contacted them, explaining the situation – and that I was willing to have a package which would have less features than I have, but only if I still paid the same price (it’d still effectively be a price increase) – they insisted that I either pay more for a lesser package, or pay even more to get the same features. That was when I looked elsewhere. Having said that, I had no problems moving domains to my new host, and then cancelling my contract – it was done quickly and efficiently, so kudos there

Rarely any problems

I have been with 1and1 for several years and have rarely had any problems. When I have needed to speak to someone at 1and1 it has nearly always been easy to get through to them. If you are with one and one, it’s worthwhile checking if they have upped the spec on the package you are using from time to time – they won’t necessarily inform you or automatically increase it – you may need to actually request the new spec.

Do they really know how to host?

I have been using 1 and 1 since 2008 and they have managed to loose my mailbox first in 2008. I have since had some of my websites security change whilst they have been updating there servers so have had to re upload the website and change the security settings 4 times. Their latest update progress has completely lost one of my websites. I have been in contact with Customer Services and it has now been 24 hours since the problem was reported. I have been promised a phone call from the administrators but still have had no phone calls or an email update. The ability to upload the website again is not available as the FTP transfer is pointing to a different server completely. I am currently looking at another provider as this has been the last straw with 1 and 1.

had to switch

1 and 1 have been fine for us for years. As a web design company and computer repair technician I needed uptime for the sites we created. 1and 1 started to go down about once a week . The customer service people said to pass it on to technical team a week later the sites were down and so we decided to switch to Hostpapa – a lot cheaper but webpages load only slightly slower.

Cancellation policy fraud

March 12th 2012 I singed up with 1and1 to use their web building package. I tried it out, but decided its not what I am looking for and sent them and email with request to cancel 14 days after signing up. I got a link with a guideline how to cancel. I followed the steps and cancelled the package. Few weeks later I received a bill from them for 80GBP, as it turned out, I have not cancelled. I went over the steps again and cancelled the entire package. 3 months later – yesterday- i have received another bill for 80GBP I have written to them to ask if there has been a mistake and to help me with this cancellation issue, but I have been told, my cancellation will be effective from December 2012, so…a year after I have cancelled my account! I dont understand how they can do this and how they can keep charging people for services, they have cancelled and which are not available to them, for 1 year after the cancellation!!! Someone should do something about it. Really is hard to believe this can keep happening in UK in 2012.

Robbers and scammers!

Nothing but trouble from 1&1, cancelled my account via email, then after several emails asking for comfirmation was told to cancel via their online portal… which only gave me the option to cancel a week after the start of the new billing cycle. They still took £46 from my debit card… this was refunded to my account by Lloyds Tsb & Visa- 8 months later they are threatening me with debt collection for the original fee. Have emailed them today giving up on trying to explain that they have not got a clue, and have informed them that I will allow it to go to court and let a judge sort it out. BEWARE-never use 1&1…

Dont go there…

Been with 1and1 for 3 years and decided i should NOW get out whilst i still have a business – cancellation service failes, customer service rubbish and most definatly not value for money!! spend over £50 in phone calls and they have take £90 worth of payment after ive cancelled services! refuse refunds! even when they are wrong. Poor templates. DO NOT GO HERE!! Anywhere is better!

when your website is down

my commercial website has been down for more than 24 hours: my customers are prevented to go into my website by a pop upp that as them for a loging password no one seems to be able to know why I am left with clients who cannot open my website anymore and and are wondering if they were vectims of a scam

Breath of fresh air

I’ve been trying to find a UK host that matched what I needed since I moved from a US hosting provider. Having tried another couple of UK hosts and being forced to get a refund I’ve found 1&1 to be great. The main things I was looking for was an unlimited service, fast speeds on my websites, an intuitive cpanel and options to personalise my hosting. I’ve been able to do everything I need to without any problems and with fast load speed son my websites. When I’ve needed tips and help to set things up within my hosting their FAQs have been very helpful and support has been quick and extremely detailed step by step guys. Would strongly recommend 1&1 to anyone looking for a UK host.

Negative Review – 1 & 1 Web Hosting

Not a positive experience. Very enticing offer, but payment terms are deceptive and not transparent. I incurred lots of hidden costs and was subject to automatic renewal, despite never using the service and abandoning in favour of a different provider.

1and1 – The one to avoid

They are truly terrible, I am still attempting to leave them but they don’t make it easy. I actually found features disappearing from my package (1and1 beginner) such as mysql. When asking about it they said I never had it BUT I did have a mysql database which I couldn’t access (i.e. I really did have it then they removed that feature). I attempted to leave by transfering my domains out – by the way I had 4 months advanced payment still behind me – and they instead of changing the IPSTAGs to a new host, detagged them all and returned them to nominet! It’s been problem after problem with them, but I’ve nearly fully migrated to a much better host, Unlimited Web Hosting ltd. Please heed this warning.

Not reliable

I don’t understand how this site could be in the first 10, not even in the first 100. Is really bad service and they misslead the information. The custommer service is awfull. I had to open case in Paypal after they delete my website and refuse give me my money back. I lost time and work and other people that didn’t pay by paypal just lost the money with them

WARNIng Disgraceful, sharp practices-

They uped my £8.99 per month package to £12.99 and notified me by email that if I didn’t want the upgrade , I had to change it back to the old package by using their very complicated online system . WHY?? when I never wanted the changes. They also then changed my billing to every 3 months from every 6 months so that I wouldn’t notice the hike in price. When I did , 6 months later, they refused to refund the overcharge saying I should have read their e mail. (i have this in writing from them) Isn’t there a law to stop this “opt out” only practice. Its a disgrace and now I have to change hosting I’ll bet there will be untold problems . Their invoices are deliberately vague so you don’t know what you are paying for.

Don’t Believe All You Read…

…because when people tell you how bad 1&1 are, they haven’t even begun to tell the full story. 1&1 are, quite simply, the worst experience I’ve ever had in 26 years or administering web sites. Eventually, when I decided enough was enough, I tried to cancel my hosting account with them. Apart from it requiring a doctorate in badly written English, just to get through the almost untraceable cancellation form, there’s no way just to cancel just one part of your account. In my case, I would have been quite happy to leave my domain registrations with them, but they informed me that my account would be terminated entirely, leaving me with no access to my domain details. Then, once I’d closed the account and transferred the domains to another registrar, they kept trying to bill me on a monthly basis. This was despite me being unable to log into my (now closed) account. Hosting service levels aren’t all bad, and pricing is reasonably competitive, but Customer service levels are simply dreadful. I’m, not going to tell you where to go instead, there’s enough choice around to let you do that for yourselves, but hand delivering a printed newsletter on a daily basis would be preferable to having anything hosted by 1&1. Avoid like a ginger stepchild.

Don’t trust 1&1

I signed up for their free trial offer. I did not want the account as it was not great to use, not very easy to find or get any help. Pages that I had worked days on just disappeared with know why of retrieving them and non one to help. Then I have been unable to cancel what I thought was a free trial. Like other reviewers I have been given the run around and sent to a complaints department that is like the company unprofessional and of no help at all. I wish I found the reviews before signing up for there free ha ha trial. STAY AWAY…. I am going to contact as many review sites to warn people. Do not use them.

1&1 Will Drive You To The Looney Bin!

I have a hosting account with 1&1 Internet. I transferred my domain to a new server and received an email from 1&1 confirming that I would no longer incur any charges on my account. However – 1 month later another £??.00 was taken from my bank account. I disputed it but customer service ignored my request for an investigation. I cancelled it through my bank, and have since received a bill (including interest charges) from their debt collection company Arvarto. Although I have tried to settle my bill dispute with both Arvarto and 1&1 billing – I am constantly fobbed off with evasive responses and the staff talk to you in a very condescending and intimidating manner. I have written and emailed 1&1 billing as to why they have charged me for a years hosting (despite me having an email from them stating that charges will no longer occur on my account) but they never answer my queries. Customer service at 1&1 is totally unsatisfactory and extremely frustrating. Most of your email enquiries will be answered by outsourced Asian staff in broken English. MORE FRUSTRATING – Your 800 word document emailed to them outlining your requries will be answered with a totally irrelevant answer. I.e. my reply from them was ‘sorry you are experiencing problems at 1&1, please see tips below which will help you with better hosting’. Aaaaaaaagh! BEWARE: 1.They have this auto renewal system where they renew your domains even if you have transferred them to another server – hence you need to make sure that you cancel them. 2.If you cancel payments – They lock up your account so that you can’t obtain relevant information in order to put up a good case against them. TOP TIP: Don’t sign up with 1&1 – The stress they have caused me is far greater than the cost.

1&1 eshop

I wish I had read some of these comments before using 1&1 for an eshop. They are easy to contact the website building was ok, just very time consuming. Our site if for a florist shop, I believed it was me being a bit dim causing there to be no calendar option on the eshop at all… having had several conversations with the technical help desks, it turns out that there is not an option for this. Even their staff have said ‘of course there must be this facility’ or ‘I am shocked that there is not this option’…. believe me it is a real problem for us as we have only had one order in several months. Uptime is good Speed is ok Customer service personnel are polite and courteous, but their hands are tied if they cannot supply what the customer wants Features are rubbish as they cannot supply a simple calendar Price is reasonable but obviously you only get what you pay for! VERY DISAPPOINTED

Must be worst support in the business.

If you Google “1&1 problems” you will see many references to how bad this company is at support. I have been with them a long time and support has got worse over the years instead of better. They are totally hopeless and what is worse the don’t even care.


I’ve used a shared hosting service from 1and1 for a number of years and am on the whole reasonably satisfied. When I’ve had to use support it’s been OK. Nothing more to add than that.

1&1 what a joke

i was with 1&1 for over 12 months, nothing short of a nightmare, tried to cancel my account and they forwareded my account to a collection agency…there support is crap and so is there speed and up time, steer clear if you dont you will be sorry

Really rubbish

I can’t speak for their value for money, but as a web designer, I found their control panel just pitiful. They also have about three different control panels to control different parts of your domain/webspace. It’s very confusing. There is nothing to tell you which features you currently have, or what an upgrade would cost. Their response by email was within a reasonable time, but you can tell they’re not very technical. I was able to transfer away for free, but they didn’t make it clear how to get the .com authorisation code.

Shocking behaviour

I administer more than 50 websites. I have 1 with 1and1. It works ok for what you pay. BUT try closing the account or stop the domain and hosting from auto-renewing. They send you one reminder 4 months before it’s due. If you don’t you’ll get an invoice a week before but you can’t cancel this. To cancel you need to search the internet to find the internet (not their website), to find the procedure. It’s a mini site which has does not connect to your main account. You’ll need to hoke out your account no and password. It’s unbelievably complicated to cancel once you get there with a 10 screen procedure to stop it. You don’t get an email to tell you successfully managed to cancel. The whole system is set up to STOP you from cancelling the renewal. I have never seen such an unprofessional company. AVOID !

1&1 Internet; your Hosting Nightmare

We have been with 1&1 Internet for approx 6 years (not because they are good – in fact they are dreadfull). The problem is that once you set everything up (we have 35 websites) it is difficult to move. Over this period, we have had numerous issues and have even reported them to Trading Standards and threatened legal proceeding on a few occasions. The most recent issue resolves around our trying to cancel a domain. Prior to its renewal, I personally phoned 1&1 (who charge 6p per minute + operator costs) and explained that we would be cancelling the domain. We cancelled it online and were then billed for the next 2years. we disputed this and 1&1 staff lied to us on numerous occasions, never looked into the case and even said that they could not deal with it because the issue (£7.18p) had been passed to debt collectors. I called the debt collectors and they knew nothing about this. Our payments to 1&1 were via Paypal so we simply appealed stating that !&1 had no right to take money because we had expressly forbade them from doing so for that particular domain. Paypal refunded our payment, but we then went through the same scenario numerous times and they even tried toi take money from our card (which we blocked) even though they had eventually conceded our case and issued a credit note for the full amount. If you are looking for a decent Hosting company – for the love of God – look elsewhere (we are).


I took out 1&1 Dual Hosting package and almost immediately regretted it – the menu was awful and the provided web builder worse! If you’re using Chrome it won’t work with that. However it was going to be hassle to change providers (read the small print!) so I built a site using a 3rd party software. Snags and queries in doing so have been dealt with swiftly and – in the main – efficiently with clear instructions and links So after a bad start, for the cost, reasonably happy so far…..

Poor customer service and high prices

1and1 used to offer great value to customers but as a company they do not value loyalty. I have been with 1and1 for 10 years with two accounts and watched prices steadily rise but the service and features offered do not match the price they charge. I have noticed that hosting costs have decreased and included features have improved significantly. 1and1, however, charge top rates (£12.99 plus per month) but only offer two mySQL databases and other limits on the service. When I decided to move one of my accounts to a better host, having already paid another 6 months in advance to 1and1, they cancelled my contract immediately, causing my web site to be deleted, and held my domain name for the maximum 5 days before releasing it. So, I was without email and web site for a week because of a petulant hosting provider. One positive thing I will say is that their reliability is not too bad and the performance and speed of the servers are fairly good, although this does depend on who else is on the shared servers. I don’t rate the customer service, features or price – you can get much better elsewhere. And the web interface is made as difficult as possible if you want to change your contract, transfer your domain or cancel your contract. If you want decent hosting, don’t be fooled by cheap initial offers. When the initial period runs out, you’ll be stuck on an over priced package and they’ll make it as difficult as possible to transfer to someone else.


Awful awful awful would not advise anyone to use this co Very difficult to get hold off Very poor customer service Do not mind taking your money though The main site is inviting but heed my warning BE VERY CAREFUL! ! ! ! !

If you value your sanity then don’t use 1and1 for hosting …!

I look after over 120 websites and I have been with 1and1 for many years without any major problems, maybe the odd glitch here and there. Then 6 months ago they changed the control panel and back-end systems and I have had no end of problems since then, we still do not have some of the basic functionality like web statistics that some of my bigger clients had relied on. I have timed it and it takes 5 mins and 23 seconds to log into the control panel, yes you read right over 5 mins !! Trying to transfer a domain to or from 1and1 is virtually impossible, I have had so many errors, the control panel is really flaky and keeps giving me funny error messages which is a “know problem” apparently. That and the other 50 problems I have with them.. 4 times they have just shut down my webspace on a friday afternoon and left me with every single website and domain uncontactable until someone is in the right department at 2pm on Monday.. Can you image explaining that to your customers… Their customer service staff are friendly enough even if they know absolutely nothing and are just reading off scripts, it is really frustrating trying to get the simplest of problems resolved. Call centres are all over the world so sometimes you practically need a translator. I am currently going through the massive task of transfering all my websites and domains from them, I am finding it easier than trying to resolve the plethora of problems. So to sum up, just stear well clear !!! Find a good local host there are plenty around.

Impossible to cancel account!

1&1 are very tricky indeed when it comes to cancelling a contract. The freephone number you’re given is totally useless. It’s either unobtainable, or it rings out, or it puts you through to the wrong department in the USD. They only tell you to try again because they can’t help. I’ve been trying to rid myself of this account for quite some time, and still haven’t managed it. Don’t bother, try elsewhere.

1and1 dedicated server

Good server, but no backup offered. Also hosted in Germany which I am told is why our Google rank never went very high for the UK. Backup was poor, with long delay times before any problems were fixed. 1and1 also like to offer you new services on the phone, if you later change your mind and try to cancel its extremly difficult to do.

Don’t go near them!

Their products are OK, not that cheap, but OK. Their service is appalling, in fact they don’t even know how to spell customer service. Seriously, they have no customer service number or email address, eventually I have been given the complaints email address to which all I get in return in terms and conditions sent to me. They have taken money they shouldn’t have due to the prohibitive processes they put in place to prevent you from downgrading or cancelling. Take my advice – stay well away from them, I wish I had!

I’ve not had any real problems

I have used 1&1 for 8 years now, with 7 domains. I am only aware of about 10 hours downtime during that period – although it is possible that it was down at other times which I don’t know about. My working shows that as an uptime of about 99.986% – or 99.99%, which is exactly what they said! I have had no real problems – their support (email, I don’t use their phone support) is good – they have always dealt with my queries efficiently, although sometimes they have needed more information about my query even though I thought I’d explained myself quite clearly! I also notice that often another person responds to the query, rather than the same person. Billing-wise, the only time I ever had problems was when they were a bit slow to re-grant access to the sites after an outstanding bill had been paid (the websites had been frozen after a few weeks after the bill had been due) – although the bill payment problem was because an organisation I worked with hadn’t paid it on time! That was a few years ago, so I don’t know what it’s like now

BEWARE awful company to do business with

Try leaving when it stops working, complaints dept are rude or just dont answer. You think youve severed all ties, a few months later you’ll get more bills and threatening letters from debt agencies. Months, in my case over a year later a new bill arrived. Do you want misery? ~Dont use these people .

1 and 1 avoid at all cost.

I foolishly ‘signed up’ with this company’s web hosting package,only to find the service didn’t support Frontpage.I cancelled within days of being told this. Regardless of them giving me a partial refund,they now continually invoice me for services I haven’t used.Despite e mailing them proof of cancellation the invoicing continues. I suppose the next step will be debt collectors demands. I will ask the local Citizens Advice what my options will be. Again avoid them at all cost(literally).

Never had a problem with 1and1

Great uptime, technical queries answered quickly and a comprehensive FAQ. Theres not much to hosting if you really know what you are doing. I actually moved to them from my own server, far more cost effective. I run 40 domains and never a glitch. But I design/program/install it all myself. All I need to do is set certain server parameters occassionaly. No billing problems as yet.

Run for the hills

I used 1&1 back in 2004 to 2006 and they were fine until the main menu links (relitive path to the domain-oscommerce build) would just randomly start mapping to another domain on another account on another installation on oscommerce on the same server for random periods of 5 minutes to 2 hours. When I told them about this as this was obviously a big issue on an ecommerce shop they waited 3 days to answer my email (couldn’t get through on the phone) and when they did answer they said I don’t understand your problem, the links are going to a new installation of oscommerce! They didn’t think that it was abnormal for links on my site and my domain main menu going to a different website hosted and owned by another person was a problem. I replied explaining the problem in detail and never received a reply. I switched hosts. The place I work at now hosts with them and we have had 9 hours of downtime in the last 2 days, so I see they haven’t improved.

Avoid at all costs

1&1 are probably the worst web hosting company in the world. I used to have a dedicated server with them. Their control panel is a custom one and does not even have a feature to restart the server, you have to call their support to get them to restart it! Then when you cancel your account they take an extra months web hosting money from you, so you call your bank and they advise you to cancel your debit card. I cancelled my debit card, then they tried taking another months hosting money. They then got a debt recovery firm and a firm of solicitors to chase me for the money that I did not owe them! 1&1 cost me a fortune in lost revenue and server downtime!

1 & 1 Is the worst

1 & 1 is the worst hosting and Domain regastrationn company I have ever delt with. I would advice people to stay well clear of them. I rencently toke out a free trial with them but I canciled it a few days after becuase the service was not good but they ended up saying that I was tied into a contract and haven been made to pay a full years subsciption for something that was ment to free for 30 days. If you do encounter a problem with then won’t get a lot of help from them. It is a nightmare to prove that you have been billed for something you haven’t used, and even when you do it is still hard to get out of it.


I’ve been with 1&1 for 3 years, i am in the process of leaving and i cant leave fast enough. They have bad customer service, if FAQ doesn’t have an answer to your query then there is very little chance you would resolve easily. There are a lot of one- click to install or subscribe buttons for everything but none existent easy click buttons to stop. You end up having to send emails requesting cancellations and even at this you are best advised to keep copies of your emails as they have a tendency to forget and bill you again. Only good thing about the service is that the uptime is not faultless although their packages are limiting.

They used to be good…

I’ve used 1&1 for web hosting for about 6 years now and they have gone seriously down hill in that time. Technically, they’re not bad provided that nothing goes wrong and uptime has always been very good but billing is a nightmare with charges being made for services that have been cancelled and then debt collectors called in to enforce their bogus charges. Avoid!

1 and 1 – Avoid

I highly recommend that you DO NOT use this supplier. I signed on for their free trial of their business site in January 2010. 4 days later I cancelled my trial. They have been sending me invoices ever since. I sent them copies of all of the emails I had from them confirming that I had cancelled in January and they are still chasing me for payment. Now they are trying to say that I am locked into a contract within them until January 2011. I have written to the Observer money column about them and hoping they will follow this up. They are either completely incompetent or deliberately ripping people off – either way – I would avoid.

1and1 Warning

They are cheap, and you get what you pay for. They’re fine and make all the right noises until you have a problem, if its a technical problem email them – otherwise you’ll be spelling everyother word to someone in India or teh Philipines. If its billing just give up and pay whatever they want, otherwise you’ll have your website locked – even if that means over paying them by several hundred pounds due to a error by there own staff, their ‘system’ requires it or you’ll lose your site!


I have been on 1&1 for 5 years. Used to be wonderful. Now they have me so furious I can’t stand to see the #1. Although customer service is a shadow of what they were, it is still quite good 1 out of 3 calls. Always fast. Upload is a crawl. But their Billing department must be run from UK prisons (in the reviewer’s opinion), or just incredibly incompetent. They try and put illegal charges on my account and after spending days getting them off, they put them right back on. And say, well, just let them go onto your credit card and we will give you a credit. They have become scammers. I have two accounts, a dozen sites and many more urls hosted there. But not for long. Billing even shut down my sites because I would not pay their bogus charges. They are a nightmare. And getting worse every month.

Truely Horendous

Avoid at all costs. The technical guys have limited knowledge and are unwilling to help resolve problems. You also have to prove to them that the problem is there’s. Just please avoid 100% just like Orange mobile too!

Fraudulent Accounting

Website PHP 5 coding failed to fully function on their Germany based servers. Very poor accounting procedure. Account cancellation fails to stop you being wrongly billed! If you dispute an invoice for a service you’ve not agreed to then you will receive a letter from a Debt Collection Agency demanding the sum for 1&1 as well as a £15 levy for their own service! You will be informed not to contact 1&1 Internet Ltd. I consider their actions to be fraudulent. Communication is virtually non exitent.


Great hosts overall. Email support and reply times suck but phone suport is top range from what i ahve needed. Hardware and network are great. Prices are about what you expect.

Worst host ever

Completely useless – have failed to meet their uptime gurantee every single month, and refused to pay a refund under it. Customer service non existent, please avoid like the plague unless you enjoy being stressed and pulling your hair out! Have had to leave 1 and 1 due to thousands of pounds in lost business.

Avoid like the plague

Uptime is closer to 99% than 99.99% – I have several hours of downtime every month! Trying to complain under their guarantee is a waste of time – they completely fail to answer your queries, ignore the fact that you’ve asked for a refund, then stop replying to emails. I’m moving as soon as this six months fees are up.

Never had any bother

I’ve hosted 2 small club sites and a personal one with 1&1 for several years now and never had any bother at all. I can’t answer for their customer services because I’ve never had to use them, so I’ve just a put a ‘medium’ rating snce I can’t leave it out.

Utterly useless to the point of suicide

This company is completly useless. I purchased a DOMAIN ONLY account and instead of charging me for a domain only they charged me for hosting and its impossible to get through to anyone that speaks english or for long enough before their phone system randomly transfers you to a random person. Cowboys.


AVOID 1&1. Outsourced technical support are clueless and queries are bounced from one dept to another. Serious problems configuring their own shared hosting


1. They lock you into contracts you have not signed 2. Their customer support has no continuity 3. Their call waiting cuts you off regularly 4. Their cheap web sites do not include fairly fundamental services such as hosting a wordpress blog within the domain 5. I have six sites hosted with them as a webmaster and am closing them down one by one and moving them to hostpapa right now. 6. They have made a clerical error and taken one of my sites down without emailling me losing valuable work Avoid 1and1 at all costs. It really is worth paying a few quid extra a year. Hostpapa.co.uk seems much better. I’ve one site on there with a cloaked wordpress blog, UNLIMITED space and bandwidth, customer support that understands the culture of the web and free subdomains.

Trouble free but more features cost a lot

I’ve been with 1&1 for 4 years hosting a pretty basic site with mail hosting for my business and have never had any problems. Customer service has been rarely used but on those few occasions they have been quick to respond. I am only considering changing because they charge a lot for the PHP/MySQL features I want to start using, but I’m nervous to move away because I have had such a trouble-free last few years…

Do not care about long term customers

1&1 customer service is the poorest customer services I have ever had the unfortunate to come into contact with. Any change request takes months, they ignore faxes and emails. The different departments don’t talk to each other. I looking to move away asap.

Perfect Host

Have now 6 domains with 1and1 uk and am very happy with the customer service and uptime, cant fault them yet

1&1 Domains

Awful, awful, awful service. Avoid these people like the plaque. I have customers who have registered domain names with one and one and releasing them to (better) other suppliers is a nightmare with .coms. The helpline is some far off country and the operators are difficult to understand especially when you require technical assistance. Consequently my customers 1and1 domain and email account has NOT been running for 2 weeks.

Awful Customer Service

They offer very good priced products but after nearly 6 years I’ve finally had it with their awfull customer service. Complaints can only be made via email to the USA. This are not filed but skimmed over and poorly resolved. Their billing dept has poor opening ours with badly written statements. If it’s a one off domain then you may cope but I will never do business with these people again!

1and1 Review

I have bought an eshop from them and all I have to say is their online based program is so slow and you can not use any other things, they say you have 500mb but they don’t let you upload any thing to your space by any ftp or program other than their eshop which means you can only upload certain image files and that it. Their customer service were alright in the begining but now no answer what so ever for a month or non at all for some of my posts. I have to mention if you really want to go into truble then they are good at it.

MY thoughts

Very Good Features Appalling customer service!!! Been using them for 5 years now and am fed up with the poor customer service, so I am switching provider

No access to high level service

As I write the two managed servers I have with 1and1 are both down, once since yesterday lunch-time. I can contact front line support but they are not technical (it is also a battle to get them to acknowledge that the problem is their end!), they have passed my problem to the highest level. Problem is that is in America and they are all in bed till 1pm UK time! Consequently I am looking for servers based in the UK, where support will be in synch with my customers working hours.

Good Price and value for money and Service

Aside from the phone support being very limited, I am happy with the overall price, value for money and service I receive from 1&1 – I strongly recommend.

1&1 UK Review

I have been with 1&1 for a year now and slight problems i get is just the support service which they do not resolve issues quickly. In addition the prices are quite expenisive but on the other hand features that you get is worth it, thats if you are taking advantage of the whole package. Overall, 1&1 is a must, but when it comes to price, there might be an alternative hosting company

A company that provides proper support!

I can reach them by telephone within seconds, email issues are responded to promptly and accurately and when I call I get a real sense of familiarity. What more could you want???

Avoid at all costs

I have been with these jokers for 4 weeks now and my site has been down longer than it is up. I have tried to cancel my account as they said they offer 30 day money back. However, they are refusing to give me my money back. I believe any good reviews you see of them are written by themselves. DO NOT USE THEM.

Shockingly bad customer service!

I have had an eshop with these guys since August, but in November had to open another one with BT and redirect my domain name to ease the hassle of dealing with 1&1’s laughingly named customer service team. I have now cancelled all services with them, and would strongly advise others to look into alternative options rather than go with this truly awful company.