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Pity it sold out

I have been with Lycos since 2004. I would not have left Lycos if it hadn’t been bought by Strato. Lycos website was user friendly. Their Support Team was excellent. The only bodge up came this year when advice was unclear about what happens to domain names registered with Lycos. All their information related to hosting packages.

Worst Webhost Guaranteed

Well, I just needed to look at the rest of the reviews on this site. They are as bad as people are saying. I’ve been with them for 2 years now and although the site has been online 99% of time, I’ve only ever used stand-alone FTP’s as just looking at their interfaces makes me not want to use them at all! Totally stuck in the early 90’s as far as their menus and systems work. You press a button and nothing seems to happen. Messages are extremely vague and customer service seem to be trained to be unhelpful. My biggest annoyance so far is the payment system. They ask you to input your card details almost weekly and they link every domain to one card. This is a complete arse as if you want to cancel one domain it seems they want to cancel them all so invariably you choose not to cancel. Ahh, cancelling! They show you a button that looks like it can be turned off from automatic renewal….try and turn it off! You have to send a fax to cancel not an email!!!! I could rant and rave all day but instead just wish to say ‘AVOID AT ALL COSTS’ AVOID AT ALL COSTS THEY ARE C@#P!

Where did Lycos go

I too have had an account with Lycos for about 4 years… I’d always thought they were pretty good?!?! WRONG! That belief was because i did very little with my site, or access email etc. For the past 3 days there has been no service (except for the odd 5 minutes of activity) No warning from Lycos No way of contacting them – its Sunday and the customer services team only work mon-fri. Nothing on the web saying Lycos is down – can’t even access their home page! No service status page… Complete rubbish… Just at the time I need my site to be up and running. What now? Reading previous postings it looks like I may have problems changing provider and keeping my domain name?

Lycos take the biscuit

Under no circumstances would I reccomend anyone go with Lycos webcentre as their customer service is frankly terrible. If you ever query a billing entry with them, they will not take any action until you send a copy of your own personal statement across to them. From a fraud perspective this is outrageous let alone from a customer service point of view in that they refuse to investigate even if dates and the card number that has used to take a payment is provided to them. The telephone service is abject with a team in Germany eventually answering to take your calls. At no point are you able to escalate when your queries have not been answered, nor is there any query tracking from when you have raised queries previously on the telephone. All in all, they are completely untrustworthy, the service is abject and I would not revert back to them even if we were paid to do so.

Lycos Stink

LYCOS what can I say about them: – Overpriced – Unhelpful – Rubbish – Terrible support – Lack of customer focus – Pathetic “one click” packages that are open to hacking – A very bad hosting company – Webftp that rarely works – Ancient control panel Right that is for starters, now to explain, you pay for a domain (standard rate) then a hosting package for that one domain, so for one .com on an annual basis could cost in excess of £100. You cannot even add multiple domains to a package, that would be too easy. You have to log any support issues through their ancient control panel interface which fails constantly. If you are lucky you will receive an automated response (although I placed 12 support requests about domain transfers and received 2 responses, I then had to send a further 5 emails to get things started). The support is totally unhelpful, continually accusing you the customer of deleting things and making it possible for hackers to gain access to your site (even though it is with their installed “one click” packages). When you try to move your domain away, there are no details on how to do it and you physically have to request instructions from them, which do not fully conform to ICANN or Verisign standards. When you do request a domain transfer, they will not confirm whether it is happening or not and refuse to assist since “technical support do not deal with that”. I could rant for hours over these jokers, but seriously compare the market if you are after a hosting company, one that doesn’t charge on a UK 0870 number to answer any support call and put you in a queue for 15 minutes, then cut you off or have the rather unhelpful and abbrasive Trevor on support. I cannot believe how many times my sites have been unavailable due to “maintenance” or Lycos being hacked or “technical issues” and not a penny in compensation. Best of all, when you want to cancel your contract, you now have to print out a form (for each domain you own) and then fax it back or post it (this shows how technically advanced they are, they won’t accept electronic communication). Seriously leave Lycos well alone, they are not worth the money or the effort and they take the “service” out of customer service

c rossi

Lycos are by far the worst web hosts/domain name hosts in the world. I have used Lycos web hosting for a few domain names in the past and have often recommended them to other people. Now I regret it My latest web site is now offline and has been for 4 days so far, this is because the Lycos control panel will not accept the new ip addresses of the new server for the site. Now it looks like it could be another three days before the issue is resolved. I sent them a ticket over this and even telephoned them about it and they said that it was my new web hosts fault, I contacted the web hosts and they said it was Lycos’s fault. I then telephoned Lycos (0870 number- only available 8am-5pm monday to friday) and they said it was my webhosts My new web hosts recommended that I move the domain name out of Lycos and so I started the procedure online a couple of days back. I just telephoned Lycos support and they were very unhelpful, saying that you cannot use the Lycos control panel to point a domain to a dedicated server- despite the fact that it has been pointing to a different dedicated server for the last couple of months. I then asked them for an authorisation code and they said that they could not do this over the phone and that I had to use the online form, which will be answered in the next 72 hours. I cannot believe that a well known company like Lycos can run a business like this. Their support is only available during office hours and then you have to wait three days for a response or call their rip off 0870 number.


I inherited a club website hosted by Lycos and I’ve been with them for 3 years. I have come to realise that Lycos are very expensive and don’t provide value for money at all for example their Website Statistics service (i.e. how many visitors you get) has been under repair for two years!!!! At long last I have come to my senses and I am transferring the domain and hosting to another provider. However I am having real difficulty getting the domain transferred. Lycos customer services who are based in Germany are no help at all they just say that they have passed the transfer request on to United Domains who are also based in Germany and nothing happens. As you can tell I am very annoyed about all of this. Save yourself some hassle and don’t use My tip is buy a .com domain and use one of the many excellent US web hosting services.

Lycos Web hosting

I am totally amazed in how professional Lycos have become. Their servers are now never down, they are also very fast and CHEAP!!. Their OneClick Site is fantastic, just a click and I have the script I want up and running in a couple of minutes. Not only that they are always willing to listen to any improvements, and also to do them!! Not like other Hosting companies I know. I would recommend Lycos Hosting anyday, especially for that price and service.


I have been with Lycos Webcentre for over 4 years now. You may think that I have stayed with them that long because they provide a good service WRONG! Lycos is THE WORST webhosting service available on the net, and that is no exaggeration. I have only stayed with them for 4 years because they won’t release my domain name so that I can host it with another hosting company. If you sign up with Lycos Webcentre to host your domain and your web files, firstly be aware that your website will be offline most of the time and when you complain to them about it via their pointless online contact form, they either won’t bother to reply, or at best they’ll send you a 2-line automated email that doesn’t even mention your problem. So you’ll be paying for a service that is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Secondly, don’t expect to be able to view any visitor statistics for your site because on the stats page all you’ll see is a permanent message saying “We are currently experiencing problems with the statistics page”. This message has been on the stats page for the best part of 4 years! So again you will be paying for a service that is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Thirdly, don’t expect to be able to update the WHOIS info for your domain because it just won’t happen! This is yet another thing that you’ll be paying for as part of your package but you will not actually receive it! And Fourthly, their customer service has got to be the WORST I’ve ever encountered from any company I’ve ever dealt with – in fact, their so called customer service is literally NON-EXISTENT. When you want to report a problem or make a complaint, you might as well just find the nearest brick wall and start talking to it. And thats no exaggeration. Once they have your money, they just don’t care about you at all and they won’t allow you to take your domain to another hosting company, so if you want to keep your domain, you’re forced to stay with Lycos. The people who run Lycos are nothing but a bunch of scam merchants. So unless you want to throw your money down the drain and be put through endless grief, please take notice of my warning…STAY WELL CLEAR OF LYCOS!!!