Does iPage Offer UK Web Hosting?

A few months back, we wrote a post about BlueHost and wether if offered UK web hosting. Since writing that post, we have received several emails from visitors of Hostfind to ask about other web hosting providers and whether they provided UK based web hosting.

One of the companies we were asked about was iPage as several UK web hosting review sites were promoting iPage as the best for those looking for cheap UK web hosting.

iPage is a popular web hosting provider mainly due to its generous features and low price. 

Again, much like BlueHost, iPage is being touted as a good option for UK based websites. So we did a little digging to find out.

Why Does UK Hosting Matter?

We have written several posts now about why you should host their website within the UK. As the closer, you are to your site visitors, the faster your website should load for them. Not only that but dealing with a company that operates under UK data rules and laws can be essential for any UK based website.

If you want UK web hosting, we feel that many review sites can be misleading in the way they promote web hosting providers. Visitors to these sites could be mistaken into thinking these providers offer UK hosting when this is not always the case.

It is important to note that no-where on the iPage’s site does it state they offer UK based web hosting. So is no reflection on iPage at all, in my opinion.

Does iPage Offer UK Servers?

According to iPage’s website, they have two data centres. It appears that both datacentres are based in Boston, MA. So iPages doesn’t host their clients in UK datacentres.

It is important to remember that hosting your website as close to the majority of your visitors as possible is always the best option. However, if you have an international audience, then iPage still make an excellent choice, especially when combined with a CDN.

Is iPage any Good?

iPage has a lot going for it, a straightforward plan that would suit most peoples needs – competitive pricing, and a solid reputation and all the features that you would usually need in the one plan.

There are hundreds of iPage reviews out there that provide some in-depth analysis on iPage’s services. So we won’t go too much into this here as chances are you’ve already read many of them.

What are some iPage alternatives for the UK?

iPage’s plans are competitively priced. You can get up to 3-years web hosting at £1.50 / month although this needs to be paid upfront. It is still incredibly cheap. It is important to remember when considering iPage once your initial period (12, 24 or 36 months) has ended it will renew at £8.35 / month. Introductory offers are a common practice amongst web hosting providers, so it is worth taking into consideration when deciding on which provider to choose.

Server locationUSAUKUKUKUK
Number of Sites1101010Unlimited
Automated BackupsNoYesYesNoYes
£1.50 /month
Renews @ £7.99
£6.66 /month£8.99 /month£1.00 /month£4.99 / month

As you can see, there is a varied range of plans available on UK based web servers. We have tried to show providers that offer similar features and pricing to iPage.


If the majority of your websites, visitors are coming from the USA. Then iPage provides excellent service and features for the price. As we have discussed before, our concerns are not around the service offered by companies such as iPage. Companies such as iPage wouldn’t be in business as long as they have if the services that they provided were inadequate.

Our aim has always been to help our visitors find the best web hosting service. 

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