WordPress Hosting

If you run a WordPress website you can benefit hugely in terms of speed and features by choosing a UK WordPress hosting plan.

WordPress is hugely popular powering a reported 75 million websites around the globe. Since its inception, it has come a long way. No longer is it just seen as a blogging platform, but a fully-fledged content management system (CMS). With WordPress, you can create anything from company websites, Wiki sites to web stores. The options are endless.

Part of WordPress’s success has been its ease of use, the massive range of add-ons and plug-ins and a dedicated community of coders and enthusiasts. This has helped grow the popularity of WordPress hosting services in recent years.

Compare UK WordPress Web Hosting

When comparing providers, you will want to find the best WordPress hosting for your circumstances. While WordPress can be run on nearly all web hosting plans. Some web hosting services will offer web plans that have been built on servers that have been optimised for WordPress. 

Our UK WordPress web hosting comparison looks at just these plans. While providers will have various names such as Managed WordPress we are essentially looking at plans that been developed to provide the best possible speeds and environment for WordPress.

What is WordPress Hosting?

The short answer to this is WordPress hosting is any web hosting environment that supports PHP and MySQL. That is it! Any hosting plan that offers this will be able to support your WordPress website. 

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However, due to its immense popularity, many companies offer dedicated plans optimised solely for WordPress. A shared web hosting provider will host a range of different websites, each with its own requirements. Therefore, when configuring their server, it needs to be for the ‘best overall performance.

On a server optimised for WordPress, a hosting provider knows that all the clients using this service will be using WordPress. So they can configure their services specifically for WordPress.

What Makes WordPress Hosting Different?

What is considered WordPress hosting, can differ between web hosting companies. Each will have their own ‘secret sauce, as to how they optimise their WordPress hosting services. 

You’ll find that nearly every web hosting company now offers WordPress hosting of some sort. The frustrating thing about many providers it is not always easy to tell if these plans are just shared hosting rebadged or a plan that has been optimised for WordPress.

Quality WordPress web hosting plans are usually designed around providing you with the best speed for WordPress. Therefore will generally cost more. This is due to the software and hardware that the web host is using.

If additional support with your WordPress site is important to you, then consider whether the provider offers support setting up and running your WordPress website.

What to Look For in WordPress Hosting?

Web hosting providers that offer dedicated platforms for WordPress will often explain in detail who their platform performs in comparison to other providers. This provides a good indication of whether the plan is just a rebranded shared web hosting package.

A good example of companies that have build services from the ground up is with Krystal and 20i. Have created excellent and extremely fast WordPress hosting services.

The Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Easy to Use and Maintain – You do not have to be a seasoned developer or even an experienced webmaster to need a WordPress hosting plan. With most web hosting, you can install the software with a single click of the mouse and start setting up your blog right away.
  • Improved Performance – You should see an improvement in page load times when choosing a web hosting plan that has been optimised for WordPress.
  • Automatic Updates – Many providers provide auto-updates to your WordPress installation, patching any security issues that may be present.


There are many reasons to sign up for a WordPress hosting plan, and these are just a handful. 

One of the main selling points is that the platform makes it easy to create and maintain a content-rich site that simply looks great. The software is far simpler than most user-friendly CMS tools and offers a tremendous amount of power that allows you to accomplish many of the same goals. 

Whether you want to maintain your blog or configure a cooperative site where multiple authors contribute, it can all be done with a reliable WordPress hosting solution.