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As an added incentive many web hosting companies now offer free Google Adwords vouchers when signing up to one of their web hosting plans. These can range anywhere from £10.00 upto £20-£30.00. Google Adwords can be a great way to get that instant hit of traffic when your website is in its early days.

What is a Adwords Voucher?

An Adwords Voucher will give you free advertising credit with Google’s adwords upto the value of the voucher. The way Google Adwords work is you can bid on keywords related to pages on your website. These are then displayed in the sponsored results in Google’s search results. Each time your advert is clicked on, Google will charge you for that click. Adwords is a great way to get an instant burst of traffic to your website, and a carefully targeted Adwords campaign can bring in instant sales for your company.

Google Adwords™ is a registered trade mark of the Google Inc.