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The .me.uk domain name is intended as a extension for individuals within the UK. A .me.uk domain name is ideally suited to someone wanting to create a personal site or even just having your own personalised email address. joe.bloggs@me.uk or bloggs.me.uk. Having a personalised email or website can appear more professional and easier to remember than using a long free email address.

You can compareĀ  me.uk registration prices with our domain price comparison tool. Allowing you to find the cheapest .me.uk domain name.

Who can register a .me.uk domain? lthough a me.uk domain name is intended for individuals in the uk. This is not strictly enforced so in essence anyone can register a me.uk domain name.What are the benefits in registering a me.uk domain name?It allows you to build a image around you. By creating a professional presence. Giving you more credibly than a using a free email or domain name.Relevance : Opting for a me.uk can be more relevant than other domain name extensions out there. Especially when it comes to personal sites.Low Cost : The cost of registering a me.uk is relatively low. Making it the ideal choice for personal websites .

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